My Blog List.....

In this dynamic find the list of blogs that I read......see the pop out menu at the right of the post....there it is....right under the filing cabinet icon (which leads you to the archives of this blog)....

I must admit, I used to read blogs via Bloglines.....and now I sort of just read the blogs of my Ravelry friends.....and I have neglected to post here the blogs that I read ALL THE TIME!

So, today I had a bit of a clean out.....and I've added a new blog to the blog list.....

Can you spot it???  

Click on the header and it will transport you to Dorothee's French!  Don't worry!  She has a very handy translator widget running across the top of the blog, right under this header - click on the language you prefer and's like magic!

It seems that Dorothee and I share a similar taste in knits.

So Dorothee and I are on Google+, and we have put each other in "a circle"......a circle of two right now LOL!!!

I'll be adding more blogs that I ALWAYS READ to this Blog List over the next few days....and if you are on Google+, I'll be linking to you there too!


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