I do like to be beside the seaside....

I thought that this new
"Rowan Finest" yarn in shade 067 Cool
looked great with this ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe
(thank you to my friend for letting me poke around in her leftover bin!)

But what to do....what to do.....
We were off to the seaside...I took the yarn with me....
over night the wind picked up and in the morning....
the waves were rolling in!
the ocean, actually the English Channel
looks positively turquoise here....but it was blue....like 067 Cool blue!

the Kidsilk Haze Stripe reminded me of the "froth" of the rolling waves

so I cast on...and immediately fell in love with the "Finest" of yarns!

my knitting accompanied me everywhere!
very early am in my pi's!
....at breakfast...
while catching a bit of sun on the deck...
it went for seaside walks!
and kept me company during those quiet times after dinner...

too soon it was time to leave the seaside...and head back...
we had more plans...
my last couple of days in England were glorious!
and there wasn't much time for knitting!

This is when we went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the American Museum in Bath!  I posted a link to my Facebook page of photos....but some of you have asked that I post them here...so my next blog post will be ALL ABOUT KAFFE!

There has been some discussion amongst my knitting buddies about the relevance of Kaffe Fassett to the "younger" knitting generation.  Kaffe hit the knitting scene big time with the publication of Glorious Knitting in 1985....that's 29 years ago!  (confession time....Even though I am enthralled with Kaffe....I have to admit to actually never knitting one of his designs!)  Does the name Kaffe Fassett ring a bell for you....what do you think about him....do you know him for his quilting, knitting or needlepoint?  Does he still, after all these years, amaze and delight you?

Kaffe is celebrating his 50 years in the textile industry....and I think he is an icon in the world of fibre arts.  What do you think?

Happy Knitting!

Anne :)

too soon I was on my way
home...it's always good to get home....
but I have to say, I miss the seaside!

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  1. Love your knitting Anne. The colours are beautiful :)

  2. I remember Kaffe Fassett when he first leaped onto the scene. I once bought a book of his designs for a knitting friend and she was determined to knit a coat with over 60 different colours in it! Don't know if she ever did. I saw him a few years ago at the Carrefour de Patchwork in S. Alsace (my sister-in-law is a keen quilter and I accompanied her). He was doing needlepoint that day... Love his colours but not always the designs. I have his book Kaffe Knits Again and there are a couple in there I might try if I have the courage. Re- your knitting at the seaside, we once came across an old lady strolling slowly beside a quiet stretch of the Tarn in S. France and knitting as she went along - it looked so peaceful and probably something she did regularly.

    1. It seems that a lot of us admire Kaffe, but haven't actually knit one of his designs! A friend of mine just completed one of his designs from Rowan Magazine 54...she is an amazing knitter and tackles intarsia fearlessly! I think that knitting and walking could be quite relaxing...with the right path, the right knit, and NO WIND! I had a heck of a time keeping everything sorted for the photo on the beach! Thank you so much for your Kaffe input.


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