Harvest Cowl

My Harvest Cowl
- double it up and it's nice and cosy!
or wear it as a long loop!
With double textures - basket weave and garter stitch....it is reversible!
So it doesn't matter how you wear it,
just use your favourite luscious yarn!

I knit my Harvest Cowl in Rowan's Select Soffili Yak yarn in this gorgeous Jewel shade!

Other suggested yarns would be Hemp Tweed, Kid Classic or Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze knit together!

Knit it all one shade as per my sample....or knit each section in a different shade!

Finished cowl measures 24 cm deep and 110 cm round. 
I used ALL of the 330m (360 yards) of Soffili Yak!
You can adjust the depth of your cowl depending on how much yarn you have!

I've written up this simple pattern for you to knit up your own Harvest Cowl! I'd love to see a few in different yarns!

You can find the pattern on Ravelry here!

Happy Knitting!

Anne (with Lackie and Daisy at her feet, all tuckered out from their walk in the leaves!)


  1. Very nice pattern, Anne! And you've knit it in one of my favourite colours.

    1. Hi Kristie! Purple isn't one of my go to shades, but as an accent...great!

  2. Anne - thank you so much for the cowl pattern. It's a great design to use up small amounts of stashed Rowan treasures. I can't wait to get into my wool room this weekend and see what I might can find. Thanks again! Mel

    1. Hi Mel! Yes, leftovers from other projects would be great! Obviously, not just Rowan yarns can be used. I just bought some Diamond Alpaca in a gorgeous yellow green shade to make another one....I do love cowls :)

      Looking forward to seeing what you knit up!

  3. the pattern is so pretty and color is beautiful.
    agree no matter how to wear it it glorify you with it's beauty
    great job


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