New Year, Stash Resolutions Anyone?

As a subscriber, you get your Rowan magazine earlier than the shops....if you avoid the "spoiler" photos that start to appear, you get the joy of opening and seeing this...

(Hear the squeaky toy in the background...that's Daisy helping :) )

Did you see the hesitation? My eyes had already glimpsed the design that I HAD TO CAST ON, RIGHT THAT MINUTE!

Thursford, by Amy Herzog
in Rowan Denim!

Rowan's Amy Herzog Options knit-a-long gave you just that, options. I was a bit knit busy, so while I didn't knit a sweater, I participated virtually on this KAL, and picked up a few tips and tricks. You might want to click through the link and watch Amy's videos.  

I learned a couple of interesting things from Amy.....and when I saw Thursford, the combination of this gorgeous raglan design, with highlight sleeves, combined with the Amy touch, well, I was down the stairs to my yarn room in the blink of an eye....

The joy of having a stash :)

This Jean Moss kit has to be 20 years old! Seriously, I remember ordering it direct from the time I loved the cable cardigan, but for some reason never knit it! I have a bit of OCD with opening and using things that I love....seriously, coloured pencils, watercolour paints, note books...don't get me started on note books! I knew I was excited when I immediately ripped open this full bag of 20 skeins of vintage Rowan Denim (circa 1996?) and sat down to cast on without a second thought!

This yarn is going to be repurposed for Thursford! 

Back and front pieces....both done!

Although I should have been knitting my Marie Wallin Fair Isle Blanket Club January square, I decided to devote the first half of January to Thursford....and I have knit both body pieces! I will cast on the sleeves and if I do 10 rows per day of the Fair Isle Blanket square, I'll have it done by the end of the month. If I have additional knitting time, I'll switch over to the Thursford sleeves!

Now, what does this have to do with New Years Resolutions I hear you saying :)

Here is what I posted on my LifeLackaDaisical Facebook page....

New Year Knitting Resolutions!

Goal is to knit 3 sweaters per "season"
Spring/Summer and Autumn/Fall
Each season.......
- knit using one of the new season yarns for one of the yarn specific designs
- use stash yarn for a project (this can be a new or an old design)
- knit one from the new magazine! (try to put a yarn pack together from the stash, but yes, permission to buy new yarn!)

This year along with the Marie Wallin Designs Fair Isle Blanket
and the new Rowan Yarns Martin Storey KAL, well, I should be busy!
I'm lucky that I have already received my copy of Magazine 59 (I'm a subscriber) fell in L O V E immediately with one of the new designs, scrounged in the stash and cast on! The back is done! Obviously, I should shop my stash more often!

So gosh golly whee!!!! Thursford is a design from the new magazine, knit from stash! So that means I have stuck to to my Stash Resolutions!

I've already picked out a design to be knit in Rowan's New Softyark yarn, ....more about this new pretty unique yarn next time.

My third project for the Spring/Summer season is a toss up between two....more about them later too :)

Did you make any resolutions about your yarn stash? Care to share? 

As today is the 15th, I'll be casting on my Fair Isle Blanket Club square tonight and focussing on that this weekend....I plan an Alan Rickman movie marathon this I know when the best bits are and will make sure to look up from my knitting for them...I know most of these movies by heart but I'll look at them a little differently this time. (Are you a fan of Alan Rickman? What were your favourite movies of his? Favourite scene or favourite line....that man's voice ! )

Happy 2016!

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet....always)


  1. That sweater is lovely. I can see why you hurried down to your stash room to find some yarn! I didn't make any resolutions about yarn buying for the year, but our plummeting Loonie will be forcing me to knit more from stash. :-(

    I loved Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter movies, and also in Love, Actually. Enjoy your movie/knitting marathon this weekend.

    1. Hi Kristie! Yes, the dollar is glad to have a sizeable stash to fall back on eh :)

  2. Yes, I'm trying to knit more from stash too, but then I say that every year. In particular, I need to knit more from Rowan stash - lots of balls of discounted and discontinued yarn. Also a sweater's worth of Rowan denim in black so there are few patterns in 59 that are catching my eye. Maybe the Martin Storey blanket KAL will help with some of the stash.
    I loved Alan Rickman too - my movie sobfest would include Truly, Madly, Deeply, Sense & Sensibility and An Awfully Big Adventure.

    1. An Awfully Big Adventure...must look that one up :) good luck with the stash :)

  3. Good opportunity for your denim! Like that project...


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