Hells Yells!

"Yell", Rowan Magazine 58

I decided to call this "Hells Yells" because I truly, did not realize that the whole thing was knit in twisted rib....a twisted rib on both right and wrong side rows! 

Honestly, my stomach lurched.....I thought it would be a twist on the right side row with a quick purl back! No way! 

Trying to avoid the sleeveless body syndrome, I knit the sleeves first, and yup, as you would expect, the twisted rib became more comfortable as I went along, and eventually I was whipping those twisted rows out no problem!

Don't you just love the Felted Tweed rib accent on this sweater? It really takes it to another level of sophistication.....just that little extra added touch that Rowan is known for!

These photographs were taken on Wednesday, November 11. It was a cold and blustery day and Hubby and I, with the doggie kids, decided to go plane spotting! I'd seen a tweet to say that the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster was going to make it's last trip of the year today.....to commemorate Remembrance Day. We've seen it before and thought it might be nice to check it out ....so off we went on a road trip into Hamilton to find a spot where we night get a fly past view! The weather wasn't the greatest...the Lancaster did fly past, but it was so far away so no pictures....just a happy heart to know that it was flying today!

We stood on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, looking out over Hamilton and the Hamilton Bay, for quite a while. I started to get chilled....but hubby was warm as toast, because he had his "Yell" sweater on and a the K4P4 Cowl that I'd knit in Rowan Fine Art Aran a couple of years ago! (Rowan has my K4P4 Rib Cowl pattern on their web page!)

Yup, that's the Lancaster! It had an escort with it also - perhaps they were filming it's flight?
Ironically, while we were watching it on FlightRadar24, an App that lets you track airplanes flying around everywhere.....the Lancaster did a big swoop north and probably flew over our house before turning back towards Hamilton! 

Rick Mercer, a Canadian comic who has a weekly "news" show, visited the Canadian Warplane Museum and took a flight in the Lancaster....you have to watch this!

Did you read about the amazing reunion of the only two remaining operational Lancasters in the UK the summer of 2014? Our Canadian Lancaster flew to the UK....did a show tour....then flew back! Quite amazing for a 70 year old plane! 

Available as a DVD or BlueRay!
Check it out here....."Reunion of Giants".

Guess what someone is getting in his Christmas stocking this year :)

Happy knitting,

x with Lackie and Daisy at her feet!


  1. Nice post Anne. My dad flew a P-47 in WWII so I'm always interested in the old fighter planes! Nice sweater too, for a very lucky man!

  2. Yell is smashing - LOVE it and what a fine fit for your DH. It must have kept all the cold out on the blustery Remembrance Day. I loved hearing about the Lancasters left in Canada. Always enjoy your blog Anne ! thanks mel

    1. We'll be off to the Warplane Heritage Museum to pick up a copy of the DVD....it would be a great Christmas gift....just saying :)

  3. The sweater turned out great! It looks like a perfect guy sweater, and I'm sure it was worth it now that it's finished, but all that twisted rib. Oh my! Thanks for the link to the Lancaster DVD. It will be the perfect present for my husband for Christmas.

  4. Thanks Kristie! I am glad that one is finished....another is planned for the Hubby this season, so he is being spoilt! Definitely get the DVD....it will be a great Christmas gift!


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