Do you love DK?

Then you will love this new new design collection by Martin Storey...12 super easy, super stylish garments, knit in DK yarn!

This design collection introduces not 1 but 2 new DK yarns to the Rowan yarn collection!


A dk version of Pure Wool Worsted Superwash, this DK version is introduced with a colour family of 32 shades! (including 10 new heathers) It's 100% wool, and would be a hard wearing yarn for those family members you know that love your sweaters, but maybe don't always remember to take care of them like they should? (Everyone has one of those in their family right?) This yarn would be fabulous for kids wear and for homeware projects too!

This yarn is Spun in Romania, as is it's cousin, Pure Wool Worsted.)

and....for those who love a bit of luxury...


This season Rowan introduces a line of "super fine" merino yarns! Super Fine means that the merino fibre is less than 18 microns...only 5% of merino meets this criteria and can be called Super Fine! 

Introduced in a palette of 28 gorgeous shades from sophistical pastels (Rowan labels them "baby" shades, but we know that pastels are not at all baby colours - we love them too!), to darks (Twilight, Steel and Black), and colours that ZING like Aubergine, Poppy, Candy and Zing! Yes, Zing is the name given to a bright yellow green!

Merino is "breathable", so it's actually great for all weathers - it keeps you warm when the weather is cold, an cool when the weather is hot!

I loved how this yarn felt to knit with...this luxury merino knits up into a soft, smooth, sumptuous fabric. Did I say this was soft? Well, I'll say it again! 

Super Fine means Super Soft!

FYI - Rowan Super Fine Merino is sourced from Romania, Italy and Peru, and is spun in Italy.

I love all of the designs in this collection! YES, ALL OF THEM!

Here are my favourites....

Wrap yourself in "Pimlico" shown here
 in "Loam" Pure Wool Superwash DK

For those of you who love colour's "Mayfair"
a slip stitch technique using 3 shades,
shown here in Super Fine Merino DK
(Black, Steel and Cream)
(look closely and you'll see that Black and Cream
alternate as the background shades!)

"Hampstead", a simple, stylish, raglan tunic with
long wide sleeves and minimal finishing!

Hampstead is shown here in
 "Twilight" Super Fine Merino DK

wear it over jeans, with leggings
or make it a touch longer and you've got
a super comfy dress!

and of course the cover sweater "Barbican"
shown in "Marl" Pure Wool Superwash DK

I love the dropped stitch detail!

Want to see all of the designs?
Easy DK Knits

Think of the possibilities! Two yarns, a total of 60 shades! 

Mind boggling isn't it!  Don't worry, Rowan has made it simple to substitute for you....with the introduction of a "Yarn Conversion Chart". 

Look! Not only do they show the number of balls required to knit the designs in Super Fine Merino or Pure Wool Superwash DK.......

Rowan also shows the conversion if you want to use Wool Cotton or Baby Merino Silk DK!


Wool Cotton - 24 shades!
Baby Merino Silk DK - 26 shades!

Heck, what about Felted Tweed, Revive, Colourspun, Rowan Tweed, Summerspun - ALL DK yarns in the Rowan collection of yarns! There are more, I'm just too excited to list them all here!

All you have to know if the yardages of the different yarns...a bit of simple math and well, there you go! Use your favourite Rowan DK yarn to knit these fabulous designs! (Obviously this can apply to ALL designs done in the range of DK yarns....making it super simple for you to totally create your own bespoke sweater! (I love that word bespoke....don't you! It has a certain amount of style to it...bespoke!)

Disclaimer:  YOU MUST SWATCH when substituting yarns. EVEN if they are the technical the weight, because not all designs are suitable for all yarns. Sometimes you need a crisp yarn, a soft yarn, a dense yarn, a light are in control, you are in charge, and with a swatch, you are the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! Well, at least the master of YOUR KNITTING!

Bottom Line! This Design collection is a "MUST HAVE" because the possibilities are ENDLESS! Knit one, knit two, knit them all!

Whew, I need to go lie down now......

I'll be back tomorrow with another fabulous new yarn!

Happy Knitting,

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)


  1. I just love your enthusiasm! The conversion chart is a very good idea. I'm still in the mood to finish up some summer garments in non-woolly yarns but getting excited about all the fall patterns. The fall Rowan mag is absolutely gorgeous and there are several patterns in there calling to me and my stash!

    1. Anne, Life LDC17 July 2015 at 16:06

      Honestly, I love that Rowan is embracing substitution of yarns.....and these stylish designs are perfect for just that.

  2. When can I get my hands on the yarns and the books?


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