My Tunic Transformation

Wash and iron your Romper before altering...
while this line dried rather well, it looked much better with a touch of the iron.

For $14, this top has details that I really LOVE!

Sleeve tabs....they seem to annoy me
for some reason...
until I turned the tab around on
gives a more classic finish to the sleeve.

the back piece comes around
and under the meet
the princess line seams on the front
I love the deep pockets that are set at
this same position...not right on the side,
just pushed forward a bit!

First step - cut out the seam that joins the back to the front in the crotch area!
You don't need that bulk when you sew the new front and back seams!

This is the front....there is just enough here to extend the front seam down to the hem edge.
This is the back....when I extended the centre back seam down to the hem edge...there is much more to cut off!

Just sew straight down to eliminate the curved part of the back seam!

You end up with these hem edges....but it is easy just to overstitch them by hand so that they don't show from the right side.

Adding a pair of creamy white wide-legged, linen pants
 gives me a great new summer look.

I've really enjoyed this budget fashion experiment. There is something else in my closet that I'd like to do a bit of DIY alteration to!

Until next time!

Happy Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing
(whatever makes YOU happy!) 


with Lackie and Daisy at her feet
because it is rather hot here today
and it's nice and cool here in the yarn room :)


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