Coffee Table Update!

It's Victoria Day weekend here...that means a 3 day weekend, which is not as big a deal as when we were working and a stat holiday was a bonus. But, it still means that we take it easy, avoid the holiday crowds, put up our feet and relax, in the belief that Summer is truly just around the corner!

So, what is a knitter to do, on a long stay-at-home holiday weekend? Well, let's look at the coffee table this morning!

I really should finish my Trinity sweater....Rowan Pure Linen
...look at that lustre!

All of the pieces have been knit, the shoulder seams done,
 the neckline is finished.

With a little focus, I could have a luscious new summer sweater
 to wear THIS WEEKEND!

I bought a selection of Swarovski crystals to bead the neckline,
but I've decided NOT to,
ONLY because I think this might be my 'go to' sweater this summer,
and without beads, it is more versatile for my daily life.

It is so lovely, you have to feel it to believe it.

Don't worry, I have another idea for my lovely crystals :)

OR, should one keep going on the swatch that grew into a sleeve, then two?
Yes, I started a swatch for Wave from Kim Hargreaves new book "Echoes".

I was intrigued by using two strands of Kidsilk Haze, and two different sizes of needles to create this gorgeous knit fabric! I just HAD to try it, and now with the magic of interchangeable needles, I have this funny circular needle with two different ends! Imagine that!

On the coffee table are the two latest design collections
I have added to my collection.

Echoes, by Kim Hargreaves
(gorgeous, sophisticated, summer designs in this one)

Once Upon a Time, by Marie Wallin
(fabulous sweaters for children 2-10,
the 4th book to be released by Marie
 in her new independent designer role)

The adorable cowl on the front has little dogs on it :)

Also squeezed on there is my pile of Rowan Spring CAL motifs.
With each motif, I learn a little bit more,
and am gaining confidence in reading a crochet pattern.

 Here are my 6 motifs so far.

I used Rowan Big Wool for these practice motifs,
so that I could see what I was doing.

This exercise is proving most satisfactory.

Finally, my brain is understanding CROCHET!

Don't you think that this is enough to keep me busy all weekend, what with gardening, long-weekend socializing, etc.?  I have to tell you that right now I am resisting the itch to cast on another absolutely gorgeous, amazingly simple shawl/scarf that caught my eye's a long weekend after all!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, whether yours is an extended version or not!

Happy Knitting,

with Lackie and Daisy by her feet :)


  1. Have a lovely Victoria Day weekend, Anne. It sounds like you have lots of knitting plans to keep you busy. That Trinity sweater will be great for summer wear. How do you find knitting with the Rowan Pure Linen? Was it hard on your hands?

    1. HimKristie! The Pure Linen is a joy to knit makes wonky stitches at just keep going and things will sort out after washing/blocking :) have a great weekend!

  2. I think u will be plenty busy! Love Kim's Echoes!

  3. I love knitting with Kid Silk Haze. Working with the "Simple Shapes" book by Marie Wallin, Waiting for Col 664 (Steel) to arrive, want to knit an every day cardigan for our winter. Pattern Primrose.Have a lovely week-end. Jean Cape Town


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