Kaffe Knit-along Check List!

OK....settle down knitters....this is a long knit-along and you don't want to burn yourselves out!

There are a few things that you have to know - here is a check list for you!

Are you a Row@n Member - if not, join here. You MUST be a Row@n Member to be able to download the weekly clues!

Got your yarn?  If not....here is the shopping list for the 4 different colour ways!

The Week 1 Clue is UP!  

BEFORE YOU CAST ON!!! Please read the Tip Sheet!  Rowan has provided TWO versions of each square - a M1 increase or an Increase version.  What is the difference you might ask?  Read the Tip Sheet and decide which version you prefer!

Rowan has done videos for all of the techniques that you need to be able to knit these squares! There is a Kaffe KAL Playlist which shows them all! It helps if you watch these videos on a bigger screen - they are ok on my iPad, but great on my Mac screen! (It is worth going to your computer to watch them!)

I would recommend that you do a swatch, knit a square to sample the techniques as demonstrated on the videos....get comfortable with the pattern before you cast on!


All set? Cast on!

Happy Knitting!


#RowanYarns #KaffeKAL


I am still knitting Emley in +RowanYarns Fine Art Aran and I am determined to finish.  I must finish as I am offering my 4 or even 5 leftover skeins of Fine Art Aran to you.  Want to enter the draw?  

enter my "Fine Art Aran Giveaway" draw

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