Challenge yourself!

This year I have been challenging myself to finish projects by a set date.  Not a firm day date, but a general "end of the month" type of date.

To do this, you have to assess realistically the amount of knitting time you can give to a project, how much actual knitting there is in a project...and give yourself mini have the back finished in two weeks, then the front in two weeks, the sleeves in two weeks, finishing up - give it a week - and there you go, you have a finished sweater!

If you meet your goal early, you have permission to go on to another project....a pair of socks, a shawl, or even start something else...but you MUST stay on track with the original "goal project".

This year I have applied this principle to my Silkystones Cardigan.  I was so determined to finish this and blog about it, that there was still snow on the ground when it was done and I had to go on a road trip to take photos.  Remember this post?  I won't forget this winter....snow snow snow...and no power for 10 days!

Another goal project has been my Pure Linen summer top.  I had started it already when the Rowan Yarns Mystery Afghan KAL started...and of course I had to do that too!

Here's a reminder of the announcement for the KAL, along with a coffee table photo, with notebook and knitting....

So, although I am a tiny bit behind in the Afghan KAL...luckily we have to the end of July to catch up!  Whew, because I need it!

BUT, I did keep on track with my Linen summer sweater.  

The Pure Linen Collection - designs by Lisa Richardson.
See ALL here

Pure Linen is just that, 100% Linen, available in 8 sublime shades, and it is fabulous!  I have to tell you, I was a bit dubious at first...but a bit of swatching convinced me that I had to knit something for the summer in this yarn!

But what?  

I loved the boxy style of Byron Bay....
but didn't personally want the texture...

and I LOVED the drape of stocking stitch as shown here in Mermaid!

What is a knitter to do? Well, take a little bit of this, and a some of that, and put it together for a bespoke "Mermaid at Byron Bay".

Yes, not for the faint hearted, but not as hard as it may seem.  

I took the body of Mermaid, shortened it, adapted the edge to be sewn together (making a 3" side slit), abandoned the deep V for the neckline of Byron Bay, and then added stocking stitch sleeves (rather than the ribbed sleeves of Byron Bay) and voila!


I just might be wearing it right now!  

Where am I?  Well......

I'm meeting up with my fellow Rowan Ambassadors at the Green Lane Mill in Holmfirth!

Don't you just wish you could be a fly on the wall to hear all about what's coming up from Rowan?  Well, you can get hints if you "Like" my Life Lackadaisical Facebook page...because over the next few weeks....leading up to the July 15 release date for Rowan's Autumn Winter Collection, I'll be sharing my favourites of the new season!

Be back soon!

Happy Knitting,



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