The "Zen" in Fine Art Aran!

My Hubby - he studies the history of UK railroads, and
he can usually be found in his hobby room.....

Please note how the fine art pooling almost....
joins perfectly together at the shoulder seam -

I can't take any credit for this - it just happened!

He likes to play around with models of his favourite trains....
It's not playing he's highly technical digital command control (DCC).

Look how this design works beautifully with the pooling of the Fine Art Aran. The bottom pieces are knit conventionally from cast on up. leaving the stitches live...while the top of each body piece is knit "sideways" from the armhole across.  They are then joined by picking up stitches from the bottom edge of the top piece and doing a three-needle bind a neat right side seam!

I know - sounds complicated!  But really it isn't!

One of the Hubby's favourite engines - "Golden Fleece"  

I asked him for a little bit of information....
Named "Golden Fleece 2 Sept hauled the Bradford to London streamlined train "West Riding Ltd." which was used by the Yorkshire Wool Buyers attending auctions in London.  It was withdrawn from service 29 Dec 1962

His Hobby Room takes up a big part of our basement
....the rest is my yarn room!
(no surprise there!)

and usually, furry visitors are discouraged!

This sweater has been washed and dried flat....
no pressing or drastic blocking!

but today visitors were allowed!

The buttons I bought at Bedecked.....
for some long forgotten project!

Hubby is very happy with this sweater -
he says it is lovely and warm,

and the yarn is so soft.

Isn't he a sweetie!

He might just get another sweater this year!

The original.....Zen

Lackie knows.....

where to find those buttons...

Bedecked Haberdashery - for the "Rowan" collection

Rowan Yarns Fine Art Aran

Rowan Yarns Fine Art Aran Mini Collection

Fellow Rowan Ambassador Dayana made full use the "Fine Art" of this yarn. You must read her post on planned pooling!

Jupiter - a free Row@n members design!

I think it's time for a Life LDC Giveaway!

I'll save that... 'til next time,

Happy Knitting!

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  1. The sweater is terrific, Anne! It looks great knit up in that Rowan Fine Art yarn, and the style suits your husband perfectly. Well Done!

  2. Looks so great!! He looks comfy and of course the knitting is fabulous! Good job!

  3. It looks fantastic and really shows off the yarn. My father-in-law is train and tram crazy - knows everything there is to know, not only about the ones in England but all over the world. When he first met me and learned I was from Toronto he got all excited and wanted to hear all about our streetcars, bless him.

  4. A perfect pattern for this yarn, truly! I love the DCC correction, will have to remember that if me and him ever meet. ;)

    I see some of the argyle-type pooling in one of the bottom halves, fun! (Yes, Anne, I turned on the wireless for futher procrastination, uh oh)


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