My Weekend with Martin.....Part II

So we're at Charleson House,
in the workshop room....
and there is LOTS of yarn!

a serious amount of yarn!
+RowanYarns  Big Wool!

And we've got Martin Storey,
yes, THE Martin Storey!
right there to lead the way......

not only did I have a weekend workshop with Martin, we stayed in the same hotel!'s Friday night, we've finally found our hotel and settled's been a long day...
and we're either going into or coming out of the dining room....
the front door opens and in walks this tall man...."Martin Storey?" I ask..
"Why yes" he says.....

about now he's wondering what he has got himself into...
crazy stalking knitters in the same hotel!

It wasn't surprising....not many hotels in Lewes.....but it was a fun coincidence.

We gave Martin lifts to and from the workshop,
had meals together...yup, spent the weekend together!

A great teacher,
is our Martin.

He went around the table to make sure everyone was getting it!

Sometimes it took a lot of his concentration.....

We worked on ALL of these lovely scarf designs!

Aren't they lovely?

All with different cable techniques!

Oh, and those gorgeous sweaters Martin was wearing?

Lewis...which was a free on-line pattern issued with Rowan Magazine 52
knit in Rowan's Pure Wool DK 

and Quilt (Mans) from the Rowan "Pioneer" Collection
(knit with Rowan's Creative Focus Worsted yarn)

Some links for you to check out!

Charleston House - where the workshop was held!
The Pelham House - where we stayed in Lewes
Rowan Yarns Big Wool - what we knit with!

do you know Martin Storey has a Facebook Page?

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  1. Oh yes, those scarves are beautiful as are the sweaters Martin is wearing. I would have swooned having him in the same room, let alone share a meal with him!

  2. Is there a pattern for the green scarf with the "cable knots" I know several people who would like it.
    My e-mail is

  3. I would love to know where to get the pattern for the green cable scarf as well. Any help finding this owuld be greatly appreciated. My email is


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