My first time at Liberty!

In February 2013, I got to visit Liberty of London.

Although we travel to the UK a lot, and have recently been
to London a few times, I had never been to Liberty!

I had heard of the fabulous +RowanYarns display.....

and wanted to see for myself

(drats - that's the cord from my camera sneaking into the shot!)

Every kind of Rowan Yarn available.....
and every Rowan publication.....

All in one spot!

at the time....this was the sweater on display....
Merrion by Marie Wallin
from the Rowan Tweed Collection
I loved it so much that I came right home
and ordered the yarn....
haven't started it yet though...

Do you do this?  See something,
fall for it HARD, order the yarn,
then get intrigued by something else?

Please tell me I'm not ALONE!!!


  1. You are not alone. My stash will testify to that.
    Rowan @ Liberty is a world onto itself.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted my last comment as it posted twice.

      Anyway, it was amazing to see this colorful display of Rowan yarns at Liberty! What gorgeous photos! I visited Liberty the one time I was in London in 1988 and I only had eyes for the fabrics, but I wish I had been able to peek at the yarn as well. :-)

      Well, you are certainly not alone! I have a half dozen projects' worth of yarn lying around at home assembled for those amazing projects I could not live without one or two years ago. it seems the knitter's mind is rather fickle indeed.

  3. NO you are not alone! I do this all the time. Some time passes and I find bags in my stash with pattern and yarn - all ready to go - but too late! my fickle mind has moved on.....


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