K4 P4 Swatch Cowl....

My Swatch Cowl Trilogy is complete!

This K4 P4 cowl really compliments this yarn....

This photo shows how this shade, Bachata 551
 looks in stocking stitch....
(go to KnitRowan.com to see how the other
shades of +RowanYarns Fine Art Aran looks
in stocking stitch!)

Sometimes it is hard to visualize how a skein of yarn will knit up....

that's why I highly recommend buying a skein or two and swatching....

you can always use a simple cowl to add to an outfit....
and they make great gifts....

with Christmas coming up fast, that can only be a good thing!


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Anne:
      Thanks for the neat swatching ideas!
      I am also wondering whether, as a Rowan Ambassador, you have any links to information on where Rowan obtains their angora yarn? They say they are an "ethically conscious" brand, but do they source their Angora Haze yarn from a producer that treats their rabbits kindly? I could not find anything on their website.
      Many thanks ...

    2. Hi Alex,

      No, I don't Alex....you should contact Rowan direct via their we site www.knitrowan.com

      Thank you for visiting Life LDC!



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