Crochet - I wonder....

I wonder why I have always been intrigued by crochet?  I don't recall my Mother ever crocheting....but...

When my Mom passed, I kept what was left of her knitting "stuff"....not much, some old tattered patterns that I eventually tossed, some old needles that I still have tucked away here somewhere...

and this!  The Twilley's Book of Instant Crochet!

I can imagine my Mom sitting down with a cup of coffee (this is tea)
and a plastic crochet hook, and maybe some Phentex yarn?!?!?
Because the only crochet I can imagine my Mom doing was
those Phentex slippers - remember?

It was bought at Sears, in the Centre Mall in Hamilton!

I can remember going up the escalator (I loved that bit) and doing a u turn at the top to then go straight ahead, almost to the credit office - nope, turn left right here and yes, we were in the fabric and yarn department!  I loved going there with my Mom.  I think at the time this was her only source for yarn (and perhaps Mary Maxim mail order....).

Look at that price tag!  65 cents here in Canada, 13p in the UK.  This is the 3rd edition of this book, published in 1971.  Now, I wonder if I actually bought this?!?!?  I started working in 1970, and although I was very interested in needlework, I didn't do much - I'm laughing here because I'd get all excited, start something and have my Mom finish it....this was always knitting though.....but obviously my Mom (or I) bought this, and my Mom kept it forever.....

This is a sample, maybe with a someone who knew how to crochet to help you might be able to just sit down and figure out what is going on by looking at this.....can you tell me what stitch this is anyone?

Go on, tell me!!!! :)

Learning to crochet is a totally different ball game in todays world.  I think that I just may be able to fulfill my 2013 Resolution of learning how to crochet!

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting too!)


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