Saturday afternoon...

After 3 days of intense mind boggling heat, today is absolutely gorgeous.....So I decided to take it outside - do some "en plein air" painting as they say in the art world.
I brought all of my portable materials out to the deck and set myself up.
This set of half-pan paints has a long history.  I bought this set of paints probably 20 years ago in a lovely little art shop in Whitby while on vacation in the UK.  I bought 3 brushes and a small paint book - the idea being I could do some painting while on vacation.

For one reason or another - my art supplies stayed wrapped up in the lovely brown paper, I didn't use them.

I gifted them to my Uncle when he moved into a retirement home - because he had loved to paint with watercolours, and he hoped to get back into it.  

My love for stationery and art supplies was inherited from my Mom's side of the family - from my Grandfather and my Uncle. My Uncle and I shared a strange little quirk....we love our supplies so much...that it is hard to actually use them.  So last fall when I started watercolour classes - I bought all new paint supplies, and I'm using them....and I decided it was time to break open this set that was returned to me a few years ago - 20 years later and the colours are still wonderful.

My Uncle did get back into painting, and I have two of his watercolours framed and hanging in my bathroom.  I think of him, my Mom and Grandfather every day when I look at them.
I did a couple of garden scenes, then decided to focus on a loose "watery" flower....
in the style of my watercolour mentor.
The bird bath was getting a lot of use today.  This little sparrow was having a great time!
Then he was moved out of his spot by this Chickadee....
That's ok - he just carried on....
The Chickadee got thoroughly drenched - came out for a shake.....
Then went right back in for another go!  The Sparrow is still in there too - he wasn't going anywhere!

While not true "en plein air" I don't think - painting in the garden is fun, and it's close to all modern conveniences!!!  I hope to try some real "en plein air" this summer.....I'm thinking a lighthouse somewhere, with water and sand?  Hmmmm....

I'm trying to get a photograph of an exciting visitor to the garden - fingers crossed!

and, I'm just about finished a small knitting project - it should be done in the next couple of days - then it has to be blocked, so I should have an Applöse moment to share this week!

Do what makes you happy!


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