Home and Away - Movie Reviews

At home last night we watched this!  Great Movie...

I was excited about this scene - look at the Westie!  ahum...look at the lovely fair isle sweater!
Reminiscent of that famous portrait of
the Prince of Wales wearing a Fair Isle sweater, holding his Cairn do you think?
The colours in this shot are so similar to the painting.

Last scene for this guy....it was fun to see a Westie in a movie!
This was a good movie - not great, but good.  What WAS great, was the fact that we were at HOME, on-line, using our Apple TV, we wanted to rent the movie, we clicked on it......and it said that the movie would be ready to watch in.....wait for it......2 minutes!!!!

Now this may not be such a surprise for you, but for us - well, the only time we'd tried this before....we started the movie and it had to download it overnight for us to watch the next day!

Yes here at Shades of Shetland we have a new broadband internet provider - 15kbps download!  That is well, 15x faster than what we had......we supposedly had 3 kbps download, but it throttled back after a couple of minutes - it was only really to quickly download your e-mail...anything else was hopeless.

Hubby and I went to the movie theatre about 10 days ago for an interesting "movie" - Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as "the creature" and Jonny Lee Miller as Professor Frankenstein.  This was a film of the National Theatre of London's production of Frankenstein.  This is a great concept - it allows you to go AWAY to "the National Theatre", just by driving to your local movie theatre.

I really enjoyed this play - having it filmed allowed you to be right there on stage with the actors.  Frankly, the first 20 minutes or so when "the creature" is born was so uncomfortable to watch.  All I can say is that the actors who play this part have to be fit, flexible and fearless to take on this part.


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