The second edition of Textisles is out, and along with the story of Betty Mouat, it is bursting with information on the history of the women's swim suit.  It's fascinating reading.

Textisles also includes two original patterns, the Betty Mouat sweater, and the Betty Mouat Cowl (BMC) and when reading these designs, something jumps out at you!  Well, it jumped out at me....


Knit 15 stitches together?


Well, it's actually not as hard as it sounds, especially when there are videos to help you master the little things that will make knitting Betty Mouat so much simpler.  Check out the videos on the Needled Tutorials page; no purl garter stitch in the round, working with several colours when knitting the 3 shade section of the sweater, and a demo of the Cockleshell Lace maneuver which includes K15tog!

So, while I'm contemplating Betty Mouat, I decided to cast on a "Color Affection" shawl by Veera Välimäki.  Check our Veera's Ravelry Design page for a page view of her wonderful designs. Originally this was available exclusively as a kit, but was made available for public kitting in February - I immediately downloaded the pattern and started looking at my Tosh collection.

This shawl is knit from the top edge down - you start with a semi circle of one shade, then add the second shade in for the next section, followed by a three shade section, and then the third shade as the bottom edge.  I'm using Tosh Merio Light Manor, then I joined in Mica, and Onyx will be the final shade.  I am really enjoying this garter stitch knit.

All Tosh courtesy of The Needle Emporium!

It seems that Elizabeth Zimmermann was right - garter stitch is totally satisfying and I guess I'll just have to get a copy of "Knit One Knit All" - full of EZ's inventive never before published garter stitch designs.

Happy Knitting!


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