Kidsilk Haze Stripe

I've finished my Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf......these are quick do it yourself photos, but they give you the idea.

When I picked up this yarn in the UpCountry Store in Holmfirth last September, it was so new that Rowan didn't have any patterns read for it yet.  They did offer a free scarf pattern on their web site....let me go see if I can find it....yes, it's called Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf!

When I'd finished it, I tried it on, wrapping it around my neck and typing it different ways.  Then I thought, why not join the ends into a ring, and make a cowly thing of this, and then you just have to loop it over your neck!

So that's what I did - and I can always put it back into a flat scarf if I want to.

Here are some quick do it yourself photos taken in my bathroom mirror of how I can wear this big loop!

Clockwise from top left - looped 4 x,  looped 3 x like a necklace,
looped twice, looped 3 times evenly - my favourite!
This scarf is VERY WARM!!!! and I love that I can wear it different ways  and because it is a loop it won't come undone and fall off!

The Kidsilk Haze Stripe yarn can be used in all of the projects that Rowan has done in the solid colour Kidsilk Haze - but they have put together a collection of patterns specifically for this yarn.......of course they would!

I love how they only used colour in the title text.
 - and I really adore the cover sweater -
but you know, I think I'd love it in a solid shade LOL!!!
This booklet is going on my shopping list for my next
trip to "The Needle Emporium"
Happy Knitting!


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