Rowan California Cotton

I see a pattern already.......body knit, shoulder seams done.....full stop - laughing out loud!

I seem to remember this was a pattern from a magazine....not a Rowan pattern.... 
It was an interesting knit - needs blocking obviously.
The two body pieces are done - and joined at at the shoulder.
There are 4 full untouched a couple of leftover partial balls
and the body - what's a girl to do?
I think that while I definitely don't want to figure out how to finish this - it would take ages to find the original pattern, and looking at it, nope, I don't want to finish this design.....but I must say that this yarn is lovely.

Rowan California Cotton - DISCONTINUED
Fox Fibre - Naturally grown cotton
50g - approx. 115 yards
Shade 005 - Honey

I think this can be recycled......but I need to rip it out, wash it, rewind it......and find just the right pattern for it.  At 22-24 sts to 4 inches, that's a DK weight isn't it???

Do any of you remember this stuff?  It was quite a scandal at the time - Sally Fox "invented" natural shades of cotton and the big cotton growers weren't happy.  I'm not sure how long Rowan offered it as one of their yarns.

Sally still grows and markets this organic natural shade cotton - it's called Fox Fibre.  On the entry page of this web site - go right down to the bottom to a link to "Inventing Modern America: the Sally Fox Story" - click thru there and read about how Sally battled to bring naturally coloured cotton to the marketplace.


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