Last Tour Day - Kirkenes and the Russian Border

After saying a fond farewell to the Nordnorge,
we boarded the "Russian Border" bus....
for a tour of Kirkenes and a trip to the border itself.
Everyone wanted a photo with the Border
crossing sign - including Debbie!
Alan and I did our self-portrait with the sign
in the background.
Two versions of Kate Davies Peerie Flooers -
Juliet used yarn from her stash (she was on a yarn diet this year - only a few weeks to go Juliet!)
and I did mine in Jamieson's Spinning Shetland Spindrift.
Then it was off to the Gabba Restaurant, home of the famous Kirkenes Snowhotel,
where they have a Reindeer Park -here I am  feeding them what looked to me like spagnum moss.
Inside the Gabba Restaurant - where we had a lovely soup for lunch.
This is a panorama shot taken when our bus let us out
and had to turn around due to road conditions.
(I wish I had figured out this setting earlier in this trip - shaking my head LOL)
All in all a great time,
met some wonderful people,
and created memories to last forever!


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