and Shopping (of course!)

Thinking of my self-imposed yarn diet in 2012, I did do a little yarn indulgence while in Norway.

Our first Husfliden shop, in Bergen, the shop owner was wearing this....
I loved the idea of a stranded tunic!
from this book!
of course I will knit it in - cream, light and dark brown!

The Sandness Garn web site lists 508 stores that sell their yarn - 508! all in Norway!

In a country with a population of 4.8 million, well, that's a store for every 9,500 people!

Obviously Norwegians like to knit!

One thing I did notice in Norway - stores that sell yarn, sell other things fabric sometimes, or clothing, or kitchen goods....they don't just sell yarn......I think this is something that small yarn stores here in North America could emulate.

Something else I picked up on the trip - a Knitpics Needle Case - for interchangeable
needle tips - the little pouches are to keep your cables separate.

See how all of the needle tips have their own little slot?  and it has
room for other knitting accessories!


  1. When I was a kid, my mom did all her yarn shopping in a gorgeous corner of the local co-op store. It was very much like a small craft shop, tucked into a corner of a department store. It sold quality yarns and needles and notions and it was AWESOME. What happened to that sort of thing in Canada?

  2. Do you mind telling a bit more about the needlecase? I was looking at them on Webs website last night and they didn't look as nice as yours. Thanks!


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