As Norway's first capital, Trondheim was given special treatment on this trip - Arena had arranged a bus tour - we did have to get up pretty early in the dark to catch the bus and although some of us were grumbling - it was worth it!
Up up up we went to get a panoramic view of the city
- still with all it's lights on!
Same vantage point about a half hour later - looking more to the left.
After a tour of the city, we stopped at the gothic cathedral Nidaros where a private guided tour had been arranged for us.  Spectacular!

After Nidaros, we had some free time - so of course we were looking
for a yarn shop that had been spotted during the bus tour!
Here's Debbie and Jenece (who was our Australian knitter).
Back to the Nordnorge in plenty of time - these ships
wait for nobody - you had better get there on time
or it will be a costly cab fare to catch up at the next port of call!

Next - Crossing the Arctic Circle!


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