Today is the Day!

Rowan Yarns Magazine 58 is officially released today!

You might have seen spoilers here and there on the internet....but today is the official release day and Rowan has done a media blitz today to showcase this fabulous collection!

On the web site

On Pinterest, where they upload photos of all of the designs, so that you can "Pin" them to your boards!

On You Tube - where you can view a video version of the designs...

and where there is a "behind the scenes" video of the "Frost" story in the magazine. See Lisa Richardson doing her styling and art direction....I wondered how they got the models hair to look like that!

The snow scenes!

The more I look at this magazine, the more I love! Colour work, textures, Sweaters Knit in the Round! OMG!!!

Designs keep jumping into my Pinterest Queue board! Check it out at the top of the side bar! I hope to knit a few of these beauties this season.

How about you? Have you added any Magazine 58 designs to your queue?

(I've already started on....can you guess which one?)

More about the new yarns/design booklets in the next few blog posts.

Happy Knitting,

Anne :)
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)


  1. thanks for posting those youtube links for the new Rowan 58 - they were stunning - I loved seeing the shoots and the live shots were particularly fun and stunning at the same time.
    I had seen Marie Wallins collection on her blog but it was nice to see them all. Happy Knitting - Mel

    1. You are welcome! I love the behind the scenes videos....wish they did more :)


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