One thing leads to another! (Renovation Fun!)

Originally our bathroom...
way back we turned this room into a basic laundry room.

Hubby does a lot of the laundry
and he loved the front loaders on pedestals.

I give Daisy and Lackie their bathes in the laundry tub...
what a back killer that was! 
It all started because I decided
that our flooring needed updating...
We decided to eliminate the hall carpeting...
so that meant the flooring would run from the front door...
through the kitchen, down the hall,
and into the laundry and bath rooms!

Well, since the laundry room was going to be emptied anyway :)
(you see how one thing leads to another?)

6 long weeks....

I met some interesting people at the local laundromat!
We started to meet up on Wednesdays!

Another thing I wanted was to incorporate a toilet
into the laundry room....
seems it is all the rage...
a powder room/laundry room combination!

So for a while, there was a toilet in the hall!

Hubby lost his pedestals so that the
washer/dryer could be stacked to give more floor space!

Lackie and Daisy liked to supervise everything!
So did the hubby!

This is actually a lighting update in our kitchen
(with the new flooring).

This all happened back in December/January
with the final caulking being done mid-February no less!

While stressful...and sometimes aggravating
(renovations can be like that),

I love it!

Big reveal next time!

Happy Knitting, Crocheting, Renovating!
(whatever you love best)

Anne x
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)


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