Hitting the Wall, with your knitting.....

It's coming up to Week 7 of the +RowanYarns Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan KAL.  Whew, that is a long title! 

So far we have had six patterns, knit each one six times....that's 36 blocks so far! How are you doing?  There are only two more weekly pattern releases to go, that's 12 more knitted blocks before you will be able to get on with the finishing!

You've probably heard the term....Hitting the Wall.  It is when runners feel like they have no energy left and can't take another step.

Do you ever feel like that with your knitting? That gorgeous pattern, the perfect yarn....but you hit the wall, you lose interest, you feel like you just can't knit another stitch.

By week 7 of the KAL you might feel like you have hit the wall, but the finish line is in sight! Just two more weeks of block knitting, then it will be time for sewing it up and then comes the edging!  (This may prove to be another "wall" for some of us, grinning here! )

Runners have to learn to trust themselves...that with their training they can keep going and their bodies will get them to the finish.

As knitters, we need to push through too.....here are some ways you can get to the Finish of any project, not just the Rowan Afghan KAL.

double up!

When knitting multiples, like these afghan blocks, cardigan fronts, or sleeves, do two of them at the same time...on the same needle!

Here I am knitting two of the Week 6 Little Doughnuts pattern!  

Applying this to the afghan squares, knit two blocks on the same needle, at the same time!  Why didn't I think of this earlier?  You are reading the row, understanding the row, and knitting it twice before having to move your row marker.  This must save a few seconds right?  When casting off, you feel the rush of having not one, but two squares to add to your mounting pile of afghan blocks!

assign dedicated knitting time!

Let's say you watch Big Bang Theory reruns every day (insert your favourite show)....dedicate this time to knitting on this project.

Do you like to read at night before sleep?  Switch this out for a bit of before bed knitting, just until you finish that troublesome project!

Are you an early riser?  Dedicate 15 minutes for a few rows of knitting with a morning cup of coffee or tea....before starting your daily routine!

take advantage of any opportunity!

Keep your knitting handy. Take your knitting with you for those unexpected down times...like waiting for your children while they are at lessons or club meetings. You might usually pass this time by wandering the aisles of a department store....when you could be happily knitting in your car.

Waiting rooms are great for an opportunistic row or two. (Plan to arrive arrive 10 minutes early!)

Hire a driver.  Well, this may not be totally realistic.....but you can let someone else do the driving while you use the time to knit.

Make coffee dates with your knitting buddies to help each other through these "hard" times.

If sewing up and finishing a project is a bug a boo for you - plan a "finishing" party with your friends....enjoy a cup of tea, or a glass of wine....the only rule should be that you have to be working on the finishing of a project!

accessorize your knitting!

Treat yourself!  Use fancy jewellery-like stitch markers when faced with a knit that includes multiple repeats of the same x amount of stitches to complete a row/round. 

I like to coordinate them to the knit also....you'll knit like mad just to get to the next gorgeous marker!  If knitting in the round, use a special one to designate the beginning/end!  I keep my stitch markers in this Namaste "Buddy" case...which they now offer as the "Better Buddy".

Use beautiful needles when you can....like the Knitter's Prize Karbonz I am using for my Afghan Squares! 

(I got my Karbonz at my local, local yarn store Main St. Yarns! My other "local" yarn store is The Needle Emporium, where I got my Buddy case - yes, I am spoilt!  If I can't find what I want at my two "locals", I head for the great on-line world.)

I LOVE my Jamicure...
Do your nails...make them match or compliment your project! You'll enjoy looking at your pretty nails while you knit.


Listen to music that you enjoy....70's disco music makes me knit faster!  (Here is a list of the top 100 Greatest Disco Songs - just in case you need reminding! or educating!)

Listen to books on tape while you knit. (I get them from my local library...you can get one from Audible for free!)

set goals and reward yourself!

If there is a repeat of say 10 rows....knit until one full repeat is complete before taking a break!

Got a deadline on a simple (aka potentially major boring) knit? Set a daily allocation that needs to be finished to ensure that the project is complete on time.  Make sure you allow for any finishing, washing and blocking too!

A knitting buddy recommends rewarding yourself with chocolate!  Of course there must be some sort of goal set and met... to get this reward! Thank you Candice for that great motivator!

Daisy a few years ago in a swatch
that grew to be a doggie coat!
Whatever it takes...you know that if you just break through that wall, you'll be rewarded with a great new knit for yourself, or a special loved one....time to press on with my last 2 Week 6 squares!

Happy Knitting!



  1. Hi Anne, Have you noticed that Martin keeps saying "when we knit the squares together at the end" he doesn't say "sew"? You don't think he is planning to pick up and do a 3 needle bind off, do you? I wonder if that is possible? Celia

    1. Celia - I hadn't noticed...so I am looking at the videos again. Hmmm....I think this just might be a phrase he is using....but you never know!!! It's a Mystery! :)

  2. Funny how that old devil chocolate always helps with any task. Oh, I just typed 11 words . . . time for a chocolate reward!

    1. I am taking your advice and have 5 squares allocated for rewards tonight :)

  3. Great tips Anne! I have resorted to the chocolate one on multiple occasions. I like the idea of spending 15 minutes in the early morning with tea and a knitting project, but I wouldn't dare swap out bedtime reading for knitting. I would just end up frogging it the next morning since my brain stops working at 9PM.

    1. It is good that you know your best knitting times Kristie! Seems a lot of us use Chocolate as a reward :)

    2. I forgot to say Daisy is adorable in the Fair Isle coat!

  4. Ahh Daisy looks so cute in that doggie coat! Sarah x

    1. Sarah, I wish she would keep it on though! I put it on, she rolls around until she has squeezed herself through the neck! So now she has a store bought velcro one :)

  5. Such good advice! I reward myself with each row with an M&M. It may not sound like much, but I do look forward to it! Those nails, fancy!

    1. 57 rows in an afghan block, that is 57 M&Ms......!

  6. Anne! Two at once! what a brilliant idea.......until I have to tink back. I will try it. Hurrah for chocolate.

  7. Yes I have hit the wall! Oh Anne should have thought about knitting two squares the same time, what a great idea and some great tips to get me going again. Love your nails perhaps I will treat myself WHEN I finish this project. Thanks for getting me up and running again.


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