Simple, but with a little something......

I love the designs in this "Simple Shapes" collection by Sarah Hatton
all using Rowan's Panama yarn
textured bands added to a stocking stitch body

love the side slit - you should see the front!
a little something to keep the chill off!

simplicity let's the yarn be the star!

If you like a deep v neckline, you can wear this one back to front!

a little eyelet detail....

Look at that back!

Rowan's "Simple Shapes" booklets are simple, stylish,
sophisticated and have the little something extra.

Want to see more? 

Well, pop on over to the KnitRowan web site
and have a peek!

As a Rowan Ambassador, Rowan sends me their latest design books and sample balls of their new yarns.  All opinions on this blog are my own!

My opinion of the "Simple Shapes" range?  Sometimes you want something simply gorgeous, with just that little something that makes it sing! I think these designs are right on target.  I only wish I had more hands so that I could knit something out of each booklet!

I'm still beavering away on the Fine Art Aran sweater for the hubby - it is done....except for sewing in the sleeves and finishing off all those pesky ends.  Then it must be washed and blocked before the big reveal!  Yes, Hubby has agreed to model it for the blog!  

He realizes how much work I've put into this.  I picked a vintage Rowan design that I could achieve stitch gauge with, but row gauge was off.....and with the construction of this sweater, row gauge was some math had to be done and fingers were crossed...

It's looking rather good if I say so myself!

So 'til next time, Happy Knitting!

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  1. I'm quite anxious to see your husband's sweater! Some of those projects from the Simple Shapes book look quite nice. I'm not too sure about the backwards sweater though.If I wore something like that I think my family would have me committed. :-)


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