Beautiful.....and beastly.....

A major ice storm blew through a huge area of Southern Ontario on Saturday night. At 8:30 or so, our house lit up like a Christmas tree, we could smell burning and the lights were flickering.....

Hubby quickly started unplugging things and turning our power off...

It seems the pole that supports our line to the house had been hit by a huge branch and had snapped.....hydro soon went out on the street as limbs were falling everywhere...

It has been 4 days....power has been restored to our neighbours, but not to us! So we have had to take refuge with a neighbour...

When the sun sets and lights up the ice and snow, it is beautiful.....but it will take days perhaps weeks to get back to normal.

This is the view from the neighbours....their pole is still standing :)

Stay safe and warm.



  1. Hope they restore your power very soon!

    1. Thanks Claudine - today was the day, so that was 9 nights without power !

  2. No electricity for 4 days? That's very rough and hope it's restored very soon too!

  3. Hi Kristen - we stayed in the house for 5 nights....then when the power came on for the street, we moved to our neighbours as we needed major repairs....which were done that's 9 nights in total out of the house...poor hubby slept over there but he was nice and warm in the basement by the wood stove.... :)


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