Rockefeller - Applöse

I guess I'm not a Mystery KAL type of gal.....

I thought I had enough yarn per the instructions - but yet I ran out of yarn....wayyyyyy short.....

When Clues 1, 2 and 3 were finished, I had 63 grams of Colour A and 33 grams of Colour B....

One arm finished, I have 22 grams of Colour A and 7 grams of Colour B.....hmmmmm not enough to finish the other arm of the shawl to match.

Yes, I could scrounge around on Ravelry and find these yarns, buy more yarn, and finish the second arm of this shawl.......but yes, I see other knitters have come up with inventive solutions to this problem.

You can add another yarn into the mix!  Well, I just don't have anything that I could mix in with this without it looking totally like an add on.

Make the second arm shorter - hmmm, I could do this....I suppose....

OR - don't do the other arm at all - make it an asymmetric shawl!  I like this idea!  So I finished the other edge of the main body of the shawl with an icord to match the rest of the shawl....and voila - we are done!

So this can be worn hanging down like a shawl (as shown in these photos), or bunched up around the neck.

As many participants have said - If I'd know what this project was going to look like, I'd have picked different yarn.  I don't particularly like how the variegated yarn worked here - something with very long  colour changes would have worked better.

Heck, if I'd seen this project as a finished design - I wouldn't have knit it!  It's really not me.

But, I must say, I did learn a lot from this exercise.

I am much more comfortable with short rows now thanks to Clue l - and let's not forget all of the I-cord on this project - I'm an I-cord whizz now.

I learned that you have to have faith in the designer - because as much as I like some of the modifications that have been proposed for the arms as designed in Clue 4 - I think the finished shawls that I like the best have stuck to the original design.

I learned that with consistent knitting - focussed on one project at a time - you CAN get things accomplished.

So I'm going to apply this theory to my next knit project..........I'm doing some preliminary work now - charts enlarged, make a legend to refer to what shades are what, do a gauge swatch and wash and block it!  Once I've got this done, I'm going to give myself a schedule - my own little knit a long - and see if I can stick to it!!!!  Stick to your Ticket Harry LOL!!!

Happy Knitting!


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