Lackie and Daisy go on vacation.......


Yes, Lackie and Daisy are now international travelling Doggies!  We drove to Vermont - crossing the border in Cornwall, Ontario - then we were in New York State, heading for Vermont!

Yes, last week we were actually on a mini-break in Vermont.  (My definition of a mini-break is something longer than a weekend, but less than a week!)

We stayed in the Trapp Family Lodge, an Austrian style lodge in Stowe, Vermont - yes, owned by that family, the Von Trapps of "Sound of Music" fame.

It's a lovely resort, and it has pet friendly rooms - so Lackie and Daisy went with us!  Our room was in the back wing, on the 4th floor, but because the resort is built on the side of a mountain, our room opened out onto a small patio on the side of the mountain - very handy when you have dogs!

Our room also overlooked one of the cross-country ski trails - it was great watching the skiiers come streaking around the corner and down the hill.  Lackie and Daisy were quite intrigued!

To get to our room you had to take two elevators - one up to the third floor - then walk further to the back and take another elevator up to the 4th floor!  It was quite the hike, but when Lackie and Daisy trotted through the hotel wearing their matching red plaid coats, well, they got many an admiring glance and compliments.
Lackie and Daisy intently checking out the skiiers!
There were a few grassy bits out back - and Lackie and Daisy made good use of them
 - look at that view!
The hotel provided doggie bowls and LL Bean doggie beds.
 They also provided special cookies for their canine guests - this is Daisy holding on to hers - she was so tired she couldn't eat it!  Honestly, she eventually fell asleep with it under her head!
While Lackie and Daisy were no trouble at all, I did find that I didn't take my usual quota of photos....
this one was taken as we were packing up to go home - this is the view from the parking lot which is across the street and down from the front of the Lodge - spectacular!
For this trip, I decided to start a travel friendly knit project - the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West.

I had decided to frog the scarf that I had started for the DH using the Americo Original Superfine Alpaca yarn.  I had never heard of this yarn until a yarn store visit to Stitch in Jordan Village.

I'm almost finished this shawlette so I'll do an Applöse post on it soon.


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