Why do we.....

start projects, get almost to the end, then ?!?!?!? we just abandon them to start something else.

In my current mode of cleaning out my "stash"......I have found two almost complete projects. The first one is from this book.
Jaeger Handknits - Six Jaeger Handknit designs using ODESSA
Odessa was from my peach stage....I've always loved peach - and still have a touch of it in my decor.
In this photo it looks more pink.
I put it in the sunlight to catch the glimmer of the polyester "metal" 
Having knit the body pieces, the two sleeves and the collar - I joined the
shoulder seams and for some inexplicable reason, quit.
Who knows.....

It's interesting to look back at this project - one thing that I did on this project that I NEVER DO now....I joined in new balls of yarn in the middle of a row!!!! Now I always frog back to the seam edge.  In a cardigan like this where the front button bands are knit as you knit the front pieces - you would always join the new yarns in at the underarm edge, so that the front band edge is perfect.

On projects knit in the round, I prefer to keep my joins at the virtual underarm seam.

Yarn:  Odessa - DK 50g  (65% mohair, 31% acrylic, 4% polyester metal)


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