"Sheep Heid Flock Cowl" - Recipe

A few of you have asked me to post info on my "Sheep Heid Flock Cowl".

Well, I did a bit of modification to the original Sheep Heid motifs for my cowl.  Then when I saw the Rams and Yoes blanket......it's actually easier to give you an idea of how to do a cowl using the blanket pattern... well, it's probably best to have both patterns on hand so that you can use inspiration from both.

My cowl weights 140 grams - it is HUGE - 46" bottom circumference, 32" top circumference, 13.25" in length.  I use a shawl pin to gather it all up at the neckline to make it sit better.  I may knit a smaller one some day.

So, using the gauge as stated in the pattern, 7.5 sts and  8 rows to the inch....you have to figure out how small/large you want YOUR cowl to be - measure one that you like the size of and then you have to fit the motifs into your sizing.  If you don't already have a cowl - a good reference is to take a measurement of around your face - under your chin, up and over - because a cowl could be worn up and over your head - if you think you want to wear it this way, you may want to make it longer than what I describe below so that it is long enough to be tucked into the back of your jacket.....again, it's all your choice.  If this is how you figure out your measurement for the top - the bottom section needs to be +24 or +48 stitches bigger - as there is one row of decreasing to give your cowl a funnel type shape.

With your measurements, calculate how many stitches you will need for the main body of the cowl. Luckily the charts in the Rams and Yowes patter are 6 or 24 stitches - so your sizing must accommodate a 24 st repeat.

Do your choice of bottom rib - I liked the rib on the hat, so that's what I did.  

Knit Chart A - a 6 stitch repeat, 6 rows

then I'd knit Chart B1 - a 24 stitch repeat, 54 rows

then I'd knit Chart A again, on the last row of this chart I'd decrease at least 24 sts evenly on the last round (down to the number of sts I wanted the top of the cowl to be - either per your cowl measurement or face measurement)

then I'd knit Chart C - rows 20-31 (12 rows) to give you a row or Rams at the top of your cowl)

then I'd knit Chart A again (6 more rows)

and I'd finish off the top with a "rib" either the same as what I used at the cast on edge, or maybe a corrugated rib for an accent - your choice!

One thing I didn't do that I would definitely recommend - on this top "rib" section, use a smaller needle to give it a bit of body - mine keeps wanting to roll over.

So the body of the cowl is 84 rows plus whatever "rib" you do at the cast on and cast off edge - so at gauge that's 10.4 inches plus whatever rib you choose.....a good length for a cowl.

edited to fix the schematic 

This is the shape you end up with - even though the bottom is knit straight up, it tends to block out on an angle because of the decrease row......then your top neck section is straight up also.

Sorry I can't be any more specific as this is an adaptation of Kate Davie's Sheep Heid, and now the Rams and Yowes pattern, and this is only a "recipe" of what I did - you have to make it in the fashion that suits you.

The only cowl I have knit before this is the Inspira Cowl  which I knit up using the rib pattern from Peerie Flooers as an inspiration.  I'm sort of addicted to cowls and small knits that I can wear around my neck to keep the chill off.

My thanks to Kate Davies for such a great design - I loved the Sheep Heid hat so much I just couldn't help myself!  Pop over to Needled to buy a pattern or two - or via Ravelry.

I just love how she changes the Needled site banner picture to reflect her latest design.  I just popped over there and the photo has been changed to the "rams and yowes" blanket, and yes, that's Bruce in the background!

Happy Knitting!


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