The Nordnorge never stops for long....

This is no frou frou Cruise Ship that we are on - this is a working Coastal Steamer - while travelling north it makes 34 ports of call - carries freight and passengers - day and night - never stopping for very long.

Every day there is at least one extended stop where the tourist passengers (like us) can get off, do a bit of sightseeing and of course shopping!

 On day 2 we stopped in Alesund - known for it's Art Nouveau architecture - we got off for a stroll around the waterfront area.  Of course a knit shop was to be found and although I didn't know exactly where it was, somehow my instincts led me there - along up and around was the directions I was given LOL!

Aha, as soon as I saw the red felted hearts on the railing - I knew we were on the right track.  Look at the bricks on this street - I'm taking a photo and Hubby is saying "Did you catch the Jaguar as it went by?" - well, yes I did, but I was taking a photo of the lovely street and buildings LOL!

Although this isn't a great photo as it was taken through the glass - this is just a sample of the kind of windows we saw in the Norwegian shops.  This window full of knit trolls was wonderful - all done in the traditional red/white/black shades.

With a group of Knitters and Quilters, the Husfliden shops quickly became the destination at each port we stopped in.  Yarn, Fabric and stylish Norwegian craft items were available in each shop.  Gorgeous felted wool blankets (I really wanted one of these but my luggage just wouldn't cope!)  Some shops featured custom traditional costumes - absolutely gorgeous!


  1. I love the streets! There were streets in Paris like that too. Lovely to look at, hell on the feet.

  2. Hell on the feet is right! Edinburgh's did me in. Hope you were careful.


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