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The Fine Art yarn story....


Rowan Fine Art Sock Yarn - I can't wait to cast on!

Happy Sock Knitting, or Shawl Knitting, or LONG SOCK Knitting!

Winner - All Seasons Chunky Giveaway!


I want to make these!


Sunday Swatching - Rowan All Seasons Chunky!

What looks like suede, feels like velvet, and comes in 14 gorgeous soft shades?

It's Rowan's All Seasons Chunky!

All Seasons Chunky is a new yarn for Spring/Summer 2013, and I was happy to see a ball of it along  with the "All Seasons Chunky Collection" in my Rowan Ambassador sample box.  (For details and available shades of this yarn, click here.)

I decided that the only way to seriously test this out was to SWATCH (yes, the S word!) for one of the lovely designs in the book...but which one? The designs were photographed on the Greek island Santorini, so it's appropriate that the names of the designs are all Greek Gods!

To have a look at all 12 of the designs in the All Seasons Chunky Collection, you can either...

Go to the KnitRowan web site and see all of the designs in this booklet
OR if you are like me and totally addicted to Pinterest, go to the Rowan Yarns Pinterest board for this booklet.

That back pattern was a bit tricky for me.  (Remember, my forte is col…

Spring around Life LDC...

Life LDC - that's my new acronym for "Life LackaDaisiCal" - like it?  (It's easier and quicker to type too!)

Spring has sprung.  Last week it was freezing rain and snow....this week the temperature is rising and when the heat meets the cold, well that means thunderstorms.  It's only April and gardening doesn't seriously start around here until May 24 - just in case of frost.  Clean up however does start as soon as you can get out there. 
With the storm last week and the neighbour's trees coming down over and near our fences.....the DH has been out with his chain saw.  Part of the one tree has fallen over our fence and onto some old cedars that are there to block the view of the road.  Men like chain saws......that's all I have to say....

Because it was so beautiful out, and I wanted to keep an eye on the DH....I decided to give Lackie and Daisy a bit of a groom out on the deck, in the sunshine.  Talk about mult-tasking!  (Keeping an eye out in case of…

Rowan Fine Art Sock Yarn News!

Rowan Yarns has just posted details of their soon to be released

Rowan Fine Art Sock Yarn!
If you are a Row@n member, you'll have read in the April eNewsletter, about this new yarn that is produced in South Africa.

What? You aren't a Row@n member?  Why not?  You get access to all sorts of free patterns on the web site and the Newsletter.....all for what's not to like?

Click on the cover to go directly to the April 2013 Newsletter at

Happy Knitting!

Rowan 53 giveaway! and the winner is.....

Brenda! Who "liked" and commented on my Facebook page,
"Life Lackadaisical"
I'll be in touch!

Happy Knitting!

Gotta Love bloglovin'

I've used a few blog reader service type pages and they keep disappearing - rather annoying isn't it?

Right now my favourite is bloglovin

Once you've registered and you can search by blog name, and when you find it, just click the Follow button and bloglovin' adds it to your blog list.

You can organize your blogs into groups if you have multiple interests....

and you can go through your blogs from one screen - clicking through to the next blog to read, comment and keep on going!  It makes catching up on your favourite blogs so easy, and I have to say a lot quicker! (After all, we need more time for knitting - right?)

 Thank you Gail for suggesting bloglovin' - I'm really enjoying, er... Loving it so far!

What does one do......

When you have THE YARN, but no suitable pattern?

Thank you to Julie, owner of my LYS The Needle Emporium for this lovely gift!  
I came rushing home to look up patterns worthy of this gorgeous skein of yarn.  Look at those colours, look at the sheen, and you should feel how soft it is!  (Close your eyes, think of it brushing your cheek....can't you just feel it!)  Imagine what gorgeous socks, scarves, shawls and yes, sweaters this will make!
So although I am just itching to cast on, I've decided to wait for the corresponding patterns...patterns designed specially to show off this gorgeous yarn....

"The Fine Art Collection" pattern book is scheduled to be available April 22, the yarn, sorry you have to wait until May 1 (my birthday - it is so nice of Rowan to release this yarn on my birthday - imagine! :).
I know I am teasing you with this...let yourself get caught up in the excitement!
... the build up of anticipation! ... the joy of acquisition! ... the sheer bliss …

Flat or Round?


What's your preference - knitting flat pieces and sewing them together

OR knitting in the round, seamlessly.....

Inquiring minds want to know!

(Actually, this was inspired by a lovely sweater on Ravelry....that the knitter had converted to be knit in the round (from a conventional knit this sweater in pieces pattern).

If you have anything you'd like to add to your vote(s), leave a comment here!

Happy Knitting!

Life Lackadaisical...

My Pets (Lackie, Daisy and Caelee) + my knitting 
=Life Lackadaisical
(Turns out there were way too many blogs with the other name already!  I should have realized this when I was trying to find a blogger title that was available.)
Well maybe not last....I have to figure out how to change my Facebook page....

When I started this little adventure I didn't realize how complicated it would head hurts!
Happy Knitting

April 11.....


Applöse: Marilyn - Rowan 53

This Revive had been in my stash for a couple of years.  I bought it for a pattern, but changed my mind.  (How often has that happened to you?)  So it was there, waiting patiently for the perfect design.  When I first saw Marilyn, I loved the neckline and the striped detail...but it was a little too stripey for me, if you know what I mean.  
By changing the colourway to something with subtle contrast, I kept the integrity of the design, but made it my own. (Sometimes we can't see past the shades used in the original....tweaking the shades used in a design like this is easy to do.)
Happy Knitting!

More new stuff to share!

Along with my 7th year Blog anniversary, I decided to move My Lackadaisical Life back to here it is....please update your bookmarks.

I've been tweaking and freshening up my'll see I've added my Twitter feed....quick photos of my knitting, Lackie and Daisy antics, things I love the look of, whatever catches my eye and perhaps my camera - there it is top right - this is an automatic update - instantly - I take a photo and Twitter feeds it right here to my blog page - HOW COOL IS THAT!  So even when I'm not doing an official blog post, I might tweet about what I'm doing right this yesterday, when L&D were getting all excited at the sound of the Tweet!  Too Funny!

So one last thing to do, but I was so excited about everything I just had to share this now.

Lastly, I am busy compiling all of the blogs I follow...right now I'm going to Ravelry and checking out my friends blogs there, and going on Facebook and checking thing…

The Seven Year Itch?

Seven years ago....yes SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY!....I started this blog with a tentative posting to see what would happen. Then I posted this...

 It was a Wednesday.....

 Lots of things have changed since this first blog....and lots of things are the same.

I don't sell yarn any more - I knit for fun - change
We live in the same house - same
Daisy is older - change
I'm still retired (I took early retirement - VERY EARLY LOL!) - same
Caelee is gone - change
Lackie came into the family - change
Hubby is retired - big change
I love to knit - same
I love to read - same
I love to watch movies - same
I love to travel - same

Social Media has changed...and my blog reflects Facebook page, my Ravelry name, Blogs I Follow (the list is actually a lot longer than what is shown here) and today I've added my Twitter Feed - because yes, I intend to tweet - knowing me it will either be about the dogs or about knitting - so if you are interested....follow my Tweets!

This blog has moved to a person…
My "other" corner of the couch...... Lackie knows how to make himself comfortable.......… — Anne Featonby (@fairislefanatic) April 4, 2013

My corner.....

Knitters like to read too.....

I love murder mysteries.....don't ask me why.....I'd rather read a good murder mystery or a young adult book like Harry Potter (you knew I was going to say that didn't you.....) or the Rick Rhiordin series.

So in my corner of the'll find my current read.....
"A question of Identity" by Susan Hill
Yes, the Susan Hill who wrote "Woman in Black"....made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe.

And that's the front of my Marilyn....only a few rows to go on this piece.

You'll usually find a Westie or two snuggling in this space too...but right now they are both outside, catching some early Spring rays.....and barking at squirrels.

What are your favourite Authors, books, genre?

Happy Knitting!

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of Rowan Magazine 53!

Vintage...the fabulous never gets old!

Vintage is everywhere!
My ramblings in the world of Pinterest lead me to places I'd never find any other way.  Through a new "follower" on Pinterest that is obviously interested in knitting (she just started following My Rowan Projects, Knit inspiration, Rowan Love and my Kaffe Fassett boards)  I clicked through to her Boards,  found her Knitting Fabulous board and this image of a spectacular Kaffe Fassett coat!
This picture was Pinned by Claire from the "They Roar Vintage" web site.  So of course I had to follow the Pin and visit.  Check out their etsy shop here.
(I searched and NO, they do not have this sweater in their Etsy shop....I wonder if they ever did....and IF they did, did they know what they had?)
Everything is cyclical....what went around comes back around....well, Vintage is IN!
Want to create your own vintage look?

They say if you wore it the first shouldn't wear it when it comes back round.  Hmmmm....I'll have to think about that.…

Discontinued Alert! Rowan Denim.....

See how sad these people look?  Well, it's because Rowan Denim has been discontinued....
Well, at the time, it was because the photographer obviously wanted a serious look to this photograph - a serious collection of sweaters all knit in the original Rowan Den-m-nit yarn!

This photo is from an original brochure produced by Rowan Yarns back in 1992.  This is when the Denim yarn label had a cowboy on it!  Yes, it did!

Rowan Denim has changed over the years, but it was one of those unique to Rowan yarns.

So if you've had a design done in Rowan Denim on your to do list...well, make sure you get the yarn now.....

I'm putting some favourite Denim patterns on my "Rowan Denim" Pinterest board - just to remind me why I was/am intrigued by this yarn.

I do have two lots of Rowan Denim in my stash - some BLACK, yes BLACK from way back for a sweater for the Hubby, and some Nashville for me....bought in an original Jean Moss kit.

Get it while you can Denim People!

I'm going to be …

Marilyn Mods....

Just a little modification to the front of Marilyn...
Thanks to Ysolda Teague's "Your Perfect Sweater" Class that I just took via Squam Arts.....I was able to add short row shaping to the front of Marilyn to create bust darts for a more flattering fit.

Fingers crossed that this works!

Don't forget to enter for the Rowan Magazine 53 draw!

In the queue......

I like to plan ahead.......

You know I LOVE Kidsilk Haze....
I haven't tried Rowan's fine lace yarn....yet...
Don't these shades match the fabric just perfectly?

I must finish Marilyn before I cast on...

My Marilyn is getting so close to completion.......but the cupboard is bare, I need to restock.....see you later!

Happy knitting!