The Seven Year Itch?

Seven years ago....yes SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY!....I started this blog with a tentative posting to see what would happen. Then I posted this...


 It was a Wednesday.....

 Lots of things have changed since this first blog....and lots of things are the same.

I don't sell yarn any more - I knit for fun - change
We live in the same house - same
Daisy is older - change
I'm still retired (I took early retirement - VERY EARLY LOL!) - same
Caelee is gone - change
Lackie came into the family - change
Hubby is retired - big change
I love to knit - same
I love to read - same
I love to watch movies - same
I love to travel - same

Social Media has changed...and my blog reflects Facebook page, my Ravelry name, Blogs I Follow (the list is actually a lot longer than what is shown here) and today I've added my Twitter Feed - because yes, I intend to tweet - knowing me it will either be about the dogs or about knitting - so if you are interested....follow my Tweets!

This blog has moved to a personal domaine (, and although it's still hosted there....I've changed the name...

(Lackie, Daisy, Caelee - get it?) 

Yes, my pets pretty much rule my life - and I wouldn't change a thing! Have a great weekend!


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