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Understanding Crochet with the Rowan Spring Crochet Along!

Rowan has run two blanket knit-a-longs; the first a Martin Storey patchwork type design, followed by the Kaffe Fassett Geometric blanket design. I have done both! My Martin Storey afghan is finished and is used every night when watching tv after the heat has turned down. My Kaffe afghan is all knit up, just needs to be sewn together. I intend to have this done by next Fall. 

In the meantime...

So, it was exciting to hear that Rowan had chosen Spring Crochet Along, and who better to design it than Lisa Richardson!

I am not a crocheter really, but this has spurred me on. While I'm not doing the CAL itself, I am going to use the motifs to fine tune my crochet skills.  It would be nice to be able to look at a crochet design and understand the instructions. Then if you loved it, you could crochet it. Well, that's the plan! :)

I can hold a crochet hook and make the basic stitches, and granny squares, no problem! But frankly, reading a crochet pattern had always been way over my head. Wh…

Emley.....finally a FP!

FP = Finished Project! Finally - yeah!
I have no idea why this took so long....but I do know that at certain points in a sweater project, I am liable to stall. Finished the body? Want to tweak that neckline just a touch? Just need to sit down and sew it together, finish off those ends? These are all points in a project where I sometimes just get paralyzed and can't move on.

With Emley, everything was done....body knit, seamed together, neckline finished! The sleeves were even knit! 

This is when the Emley stall happened....but I made a vow to finish this before I turned the calendar page this here it is...I actually finished this on Sunday, March 22

It was really hard to take a photo of Emley with me wearing it...honestly....the way the yarn started to pool over my womanly bosoms! My husband loves it, says it is very flattering. Of course he would say this :)

When I am wearing it, I don't mind it at all. I guess from my vantage point I don't notice the figure hugging…

Liquorice Delights!

What's that on the mug you ask?
"She is too fond of books, &  it has turned her brain."
Louisa M. Alcott

Time to cast on my main summer project!
More about that next time!

Until then,

Happy Knitting!

with Lackie and Daisy at her feet :)

Palate Cleansers.....

In the world of good food, a palate cleanser is offered between cleanse the palate of lingering help you prepare you for the taste delights of the next course!

Want to be more adventurous? 

If you want to keep it simple, serve sparkling or still water, with a twist of citrus as a palate cleanser.

I can hear you saying.... "What does this have to do with knitting?"

Recently I have come to realize that small projects help me to cleanse my knitting palate so to speak. With a quick project that I can say is finished, I can go back to my main project with a regained enthusiasm for the next "course" of the project.

As a sweater knitter, I am usually in the middle of a large project, a sweater for either myself or the hubby....something that takes dedicated attention....and quite a bit of time to complete.  I personally find that I am losing my momentum, my joy let's say....because of the l

Martin's Marvellous Mette

ha ha ha....alliteration, you gotta love it!

Mette from the Brushed Fleece Collection by Martin Storey
Rowan Brushed Fleece Yarn (I used shade 252, Cavern)
Muddy from "North" by Kim Hargreaves
in Rowan Brushed Fleece and Rowan Fur (I used shade 092, Brown Bear)
Ravelry Links - Mette and Muddy

It's another snowy March day here! While Lackie and Daisy LOVE IT! Me...well, I'm dreaming of Spring and looking at the new S/S designs....trying to decide what to make my next project!
Happy Knitting!