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Progress, True Confession, Movie Review

This is a mixed bag post. Progress is being made on my "Mystery Stripe" project....I sewed a seam last weekend...

Virtual Yarns is having a I gave in and ordered the Seaweed shawl, so that I could get a ballot in the draw -- I couldn't resist! I just watched an interesting movie --
"Story of the Weeping Camel"It's about a traditional Mongolian family, living in the Gobi dessert, with their sheep and's Spring and the camels are rare white camel calf is born and it's mother rejects it. Don't worry, it's not a sad's very interesting to see how the traditional Mongolian way gets Mom and baby together.

I really enjoyed it.

Another view - just for Michele!

Here's Harry Bear from Harrods in the Wee Baby Bonnet.....just for you Michele! He was living in the Harrods satellite store in the Heathrow Airport when we met......and was happy to immigrate to Canada. This hat doesn't fit a him terribly well, but it did accommodate his ears. The hat is about 15" in circumference, and 4" from rib to crown and weights 22 grams. The colorway is 3 dark shades of one colour with a lighter shade for the highlight, 3 shades of a contrasting color, and 2 shades of the highlight color. Because this colorway is based on the 3 primary shades, it really pops -- blue, yellow and red.....just subdued a it would be easy to put together a colorway from your leftover fingering weight yarns.

I couldn't resist!

When I saw the cover of Piecework, I loved the little Fair Isle bonnet by the Fair Isle guru Alice Starmore. I was trying to figure out where I could get Piecework, when I walked into my LYS and there it was! I couldn't believe it!
Although I have removed the sleeves of the hubby's Thwaite Jacket in preparation for shortening..........and I had intended to finish this before moving on.......I couldn't resist.
I obviously didn't use the yarns called for.....I used Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. You can see in the photo that I decided to make the centre highlight rows a little darker blue than in the original as to me it seemed just a bit too light - personal choice. The ear flaps were done with short rows, and were attached to the hat after the rib was done.
So I used Royal, Cobalt, Clyde Blue and Teviot for the blues, Madder and Crimson for the reds, Yellow Ochre, Mustard and Gold for the golds. I quite like how it came to find a baby to model it!