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I've noticed a distinct lack of blog posts on my bloglines list.

I think it may be this thing called Ravelry?

psst....I'm fairislefanatic

Happy Knitting (try to resist Ravelry, try to resist Ravelry, say this as a mantra, try to resist Ravelry)

This is Daisy resisting!

Hot off the press

The ironing board that is!This is a swatch of the yarns I'd use for the fair isle design in the Holiday 2007 issue of Vogue Knitting - you know the one!

While not an exact representation, this is a great translation for those who would prefer to use Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift for this design. The original pattern calls for 28 sts to 10 cm -- that's 7 sts to the inch. I'd actually prefer to see this knit at 8 sts to the inch.

Of course, I'm offering yarn packs for this design -- and with this I'm introducing a new Sale Program at She Ewe Knits for my She Ewe Knitters, and Shades of Shetland readers.

Every month I'm going to put a featured design on sale -- so for this first item, from now until the end of November the yarn pack for the Vogue Sweater will be offered at a special price. If I run out of any of the shades used in this design during the sale period, any yarn pack ordered during this time period will also be offered at the sale price.


Taos Wool Festival

Did I mention that while we were down in Santa Fe, we went to the Taos Wool Festival? I know I didn't show any photos -- because I just downloaded them from my camera this morning!

Since were were in Santa Fe to be part of the Simply Shetland "Knitting in Santa Fe" group, we didn't rent a car. Staying in the "Inn on the Alameda" meant we could walk all over Santa Fe -- to the main Plaza, restaurants, Canyon Road, etc. So other than what we'd seen from the plane, and the trip from the Albuquerque Airport to our hotel, we hadn't seen much of the landscape. The bus trip to Taos was something that I was looking forward to.
The landscape was stunning!

On the way to Taos, we stopped in at Stephen Kilborn pottery -- where Stephen himself gave us a painting demonstration. We were also entertained by Bob, the new pottery cat -- he was charming!

Back on the bus to Taos and the Taos wool festival -- I did mention that it was a small festival - it's just a coi…

Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere - Swatch 2

Hi! I've been away in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hubby and I have never vacationed in this part of the US it was totally different for us.

Having conservative palates, we were delightfully surprised at the authentic Mexican food -- yes, some of it was hot, but in general it was just extra tasty! We loved our Green Chile and Cheese Hamburgers -- we'll be trying this ourselves.

Before I left, I was playing with swatching the Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere yarn to get proper gauge.

Here's swatch #2 -- 21 stitches and 31 rows per 10 cm - done on 4mm needles.

So for me, I'd probably try 4.25mm needles next to get both stitch and row gauge. Swatch 3!