Taos Wool Festival

Did I mention that while we were down in Santa Fe, we went to the Taos Wool Festival? I know I didn't show any photos -- because I just downloaded them from my camera this morning!

Since were were in Santa Fe to be part of the Simply Shetland "Knitting in Santa Fe" group, we didn't rent a car. Staying in the "Inn on the Alameda" meant we could walk all over Santa Fe -- to the main Plaza, restaurants, Canyon Road, etc. So other than what we'd seen from the plane, and the trip from the Albuquerque Airport to our hotel, we hadn't seen much of the landscape. The bus trip to Taos was something that I was looking forward to.
The landscape was stunning!

On the way to Taos, we stopped in at Stephen Kilborn pottery -- where Stephen himself gave us a painting demonstration. We were also entertained by Bob, the new pottery cat -- he was charming!

Back on the bus to Taos and the Taos wool festival -- I did mention that it was a small festival - it's just a coincidence that there is a Westie in this photo (LOL)!!!!

- with fibre on the hoof -- this photo is of two Morning Star Alpacas -- aren't they cute!

We also visited LaLana Wools........I had to have a photo to prove it!
And since I've been back, I have been swatching for a design that is in the latest Vogue Knitting........just in case you thought I wasn't knitting right now! I think I'm almost there -- I want to change a couple of colours in this swatch and then I think it will be a great alternative colorway for this design -- in case any She Ewe Knitters want to do it in Shetland Spindrift!
Happy Knitting!


  1. Pretty swatch. It's so small ;)

    20 rows left....

  2. I am going to have to delete you from my favourites!
    I only bought this issue of Vogue because of that sweater! I love it!
    But I did think of you and if I could get a kit from you for it!
    I will keep watching to see what your colour scheme looks like. I am sure I will not be able to resist!
    Oh, where is that delete button!

  3. Isn't the gauge for Jamieson's different than the yarn called for in the pattern in Vogue?

  4. I saw that store too! Sounds like you had a fun trip. And the Vogue sweater is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see.


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