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2011 Wrap Up

This is a capture of my Ravelry Project Page - my 2011 projects.

My Asymmetric Cable Wrap was something totally different for me - it's done in a Cascade Baby Alpaca yarn - it's very nice but I haven't worn it much.

American Girl Doll garments - fun projects to knit up for two special little girls and their dolls.

Hats - Sheep Heid, Peerie Flooers and Caller Herrin - all by Kate Davies.  (I think you'll see more of her designs on my Ravelry project page.

Lots of Rowan - Anastasiya finished - but I don't like the neckline - I adjusted the neckline to be a deeper V and I don't like it - may have to make a pillow out of this sweater.

My Striped Surprise is based on a Rowan design, done in a Rowan yarn, so it's a Rowan - love this sweater and wear it a lot!

The Foolish Virgins Scarf - well I have to be honest with myself and admit that this is NEVER going to be knit - so I might rework this yarn in the Gridlock or Moody Blues cushions from Kaffe Knits Again.

I totally…

Merry Christmas to all........


Sheep Heid Yarn Packs

FYI - Sheeps Ahoy here in Ontario have put together a yarn pack for the Kate Davies design "Sheep Heid" which includes over 50m of each of the 9 shades that the pattern calls for - more than enough to complete the hat - for $32.85 + shipping (and applicable taxes if you are in Canada).

You have to get the pattern via Ravelry or Kate's blog

No affiliation - just a happy Sheep Heid enabler!

(It also gave me the opportunity of featuring these great photos of Daisy while we were out for a walk a while ago!)

and Shopping (of course!)

Thinking of my self-imposed yarn diet in 2012, I did do a little yarn indulgence while in Norway.

Our first Husfliden shop, in Bergen, the shop owner was wearing this....

The Sandness Garn web site lists 508 stores that sell their yarn - 508! all in Norway!

In a country with a population of 4.8 million, well, that's a store for every 9,500 people!

Obviously Norwegians like to knit!

One thing I did notice in Norway - stores that sell yarn, sell other things fabric sometimes, or clothing, or kitchen goods....they don't just sell yarn......I think this is something that small yarn stores here in North America could emulate.

There was knitting.....

We were lucky - there were only 85 passengers on our ship when we left Bergen - 31 of those passengers were part of the Arena Group - either a quilter or a knitter - so we had lots of room to spread out!   Quilters on one side, Knitters on the other of the Observation Lounge and Bar on Deck 7.

Debbie Abrahams was the Rowan Knit Guru on board.  Debbie is known for her colourful and bead embellished designs.  She admitted that coming up with a design that was based on Norwegian traditional knitting was a challenge for her (ie no beads and limiting the colours used) - but she rose to the challenge, and came up with something totally spectacular! 
This bag is knit using Rowan Fine Tweed and the Purelife Sheep Breeds.  Included with the yarn were "beads" hand made by Debbie's Mom - seems talent runs in the family!
Although it wasn't a competition, and there was no prize for finishing first, knitting time was scheduled for every day and the concentration was intense! 
When it …

No Aurora Borealis...

Although there was a great expectation of seeing the Northern Lights on this trip......after all.....
"Hunting the Light" is their catch phrase at this time of the year on the Hurtigruten Ships.  When you go to sleep at night, you can set your telephone to intercom - if the Aurora appears at night - they announce it and you can get up and see it.  Every night I had the intercom button on, the volume turned up, and went to sleep in hopes that the Aurora would appear.

It wasn't to be was early in "the season" and the weather was uncommonly mild for this time of year......

So while we didn't see the Northern Lights, we did see some spectacular sights...

While I totally understand that this trip wouldn't be for everyone....

WE LOVED IT!  It was just our cup of tea and we're glad we went, even though we didn't see the Northern Lights.....maybe next time!

Last Tour Day - Kirkenes and the Russian Border