Merry Christmas to all........

Lackie and Daisy are all snuggled up....and wish everyone
a happy Christmas
(insert Holiday of your choice)
filled with contentment.

See you in the New Year - for

The Great Yarn Diet of 2012
where I challenge myself to stick to a year of
being on a "Yarn Diet"

Yarn Diet Rules to be established and will be posted on January 1, 2012.
Any "rule" suggestions or anecdotes of how you managed your yarn diet -
please leave a comment.
Anyone want to join me - I know my Guest Author Renee is interested - anyone else?

So the Shades of Shetland blog next year will
highlight the inventive use of my stash.

I have quite a bit of Rowan and Jamieson's Spinning
yarns.  In particular, I have an enormous stash of 
Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift yarns.
Luckily, I LOVE this yarn and have been researching
projects that can be knit up in my stash yarn!

See you in 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone!

from Anne (here with the DH at the North Cape!)


  1. Merry Christmas! :)

    It's a bright Australian Christmas morning and the Westies have opened their gifts.

    Lochie and Peggy and I will be joining you on Yarn Diet 2012.

  2. I see twelve months of gorgeous fair isle in your future ,dearie! I'm going to reward myself every ten projects knit from stash. Merry Curistmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to you too.
    Yarn diet what a great idea for 2012....

  4. Lovely Christmas entry. However, you know what they say about New Year resolutions (your yarn diet). Ha, ha! I won't be joining you on the mass diet, but good luck with it.

  5. I hope you guys had a great holiday! as for the yarn diet.. I started a few months ago and I have never knit so much or been as creative with it. I have really enjoyed it, I hope you do to. Its so hard not to buy yarn tho! :) lol. Have a great New Years! Vall


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