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The Old Silent

Published in 1989

He had seen her earlier that day in the museum behind the parsonage.

Jury is on his way back from Leeds.....but he's tired, he's irritable, he's making bad decisions, and he can't he's decided to have a couple of days of anonymity in Haworth Yorkshire - Bronte country.

He's intrigued from the first glance.....and when she pulls out a gun and shoots her husband in the dining room of The Old Silent inn - he's a witness. Although it's not his case, Jury just can't let go....and he takes sick leave to do some unofficial investigating himself.....he just doesn't understand why she would do it......

There's a wool connection in this book too -- the Citrine money had come from the woolen mills.

Plant is in the area, having just dropped Aunt Agatha off to visit her friend Teddy in of course he wanders over to see what's happening with his friend Jury.

Jury is in The Old Silent, but the inn is full (every…

VK 360°

I loved this feature of the Vogue Knitting web site when I first discoverd it -- each design on a model, 360° of detail up close.....and I am so excited that they've put up the Fall 2009 issue !

Check it out

VK 360°

Laughing and blushing because I'm so excited!

HINT: Check out the hats!

Happy Knitting

Blissfully finished!

This is a sneak peak at the Debbie Bliss sweater I knit for my LYS - it was done in the Debbie Bliss Luxury Chunky yarn -- totally gorgeous! I'll get Carolyn to model it for me later this week and I'll give you more details then ok? Happy Knitting!

The Five Bells and Bladebone

Published in 1987

What else could you think of but getting your throat slit.

Jury is packing for a vacation to be spent with his friend Melrose Plant, the ex Earl, Count, etc. in Long Piddleton.

He held up a Shetland sweater, inspecting it for mothy bites. He frowned.

Jury looked over the top of the sweater where he had found a moth hole big enough to put three fingers through. "Do I hear bells?"

We are introduced in this story to more Long Pid characters - "Joanna the Mad", Theo Wrenn Browne (the bookseller), Diane Demorney (maneuvering to the Countess of Caverness), and Jurvis the well as "the regulars" Vivien, Marshall Trueblood and Aunt Agatha up to her usual tricks.

But when Marshall Trueboood shows off his latest acquisition, a "secretaire a abattant", a fall front desk, and a body falls out, well.......

and when another body is found in a boat in Limehouse.......things start to fall into place and everything centres around Wat…

Daisy and Bitzer

It didn't disappoint...

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince..........pretty amazing job they did on this can really see the growth in these actors who were so young when they started this saga.

5 Knitting Needles!

Self Portrait

Do you know how hard it is to take your own photo --

Here's the best one I took of my finished Roscalie vest.......
Seriously! LOL!!!Happy Knitting!

I am the Only Running Footman

Published in 1986.

"The headlamps of the car picked her out through the fog and the rain; she was standing on the shoulder about a hundred yards from the cafe, her backpack on the ground beside her."

The first time I read "Jury had to reach across Susan Brendon-Hunt...." it came somewhat as a shock somehow.....had I really expected him to remain chastethroughout the whole series???

Melrose has his share of women right how -- he's reading Polly Praed's latest novel, Vivien is back in town (without the Italian fiance) and Lucinda St. Clair who has blown into Long Piddleton in her Porsche to convince Melrose to come to Somers Abbas because it seems likely that David Marr, her neighbor and close friend.........might be needing some help to prove his innocence.......

Someone is strangling women with their scarves.......don't wear your scarf with the ends dangling over your back! Macalvie and Jury are again on separate cases that are undeniably related.

How did J…

Help the Poor Struggler

Published in 1985

"The little girl stood in her flannel nightdress holding the telephone receiver. She carefully dialed the numbers her mother always did when she wanted the operator."

Introducing Chief Superintendent Brian Macalvie of the Devon-Cornwall constabulary.

"Who the hell are you?" are his first words to Jury.

Macalvie is sure that two current cases are somehow tied in to a 20 year old murder that had been blamed on a young medical student and sent him to Dartmoor prison. Macalvie was sure he didn't do it, but had been unable to prove it......and it still bothered him.

Despite Macalvie's independent ways, he and Jury form a working partnership....and even more surprisingly, Macalvie and Wiggins become inseparable - it must be the Fisherman's Friends.

Not surprisingly, Jury calls upon his friend "an Earl with a Silver Ghost" to befriend Jesse, the young orphaned heiress who lives with her Uncle, a string of governesses, and a garage full o…

Only 7 more sleeps......til

I've got my you have yours? update

I've renewed ownership to and have moved it to Explornet as my web site host.....unfortunately, Explornet hasn't been able to tell me why I can't publish to my web site using Frontpage (which I've been using for the past 8 years).

My tech guy tells me that a friend of his can publish to my web site, so sorry, he can't help me - LOL!!!

So for now, no until I get this sorted out -- or I create a new web site with different software.....any suggestions ???? anybody????


Luckily I took some photos of the peonies before the 3 days of rain last week....because they were pretty spectacular this year.

I love how showy these plants are!

APB - Soap and Felt Fibre Artist Wanted!

While at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in 2008, I bought a hand made bar of soap, that was wrapped in felt -- it was dark orange with a brown design on it that looked like a shepherds cross......I've kept it in a drawer ever since.....until a few days ago....when I finally opened it and started using it in the bath.

It's lovely soap, and I really like the felt on it that acts like a wash cloth....but there was no identification in or on the bag that contained the of course, I want more!

Anyone have any ideas?

Happy Knitting

finally.....some Knitting Progress

You might think with all the Martha Grimes book posts, that I've been neglecting my knitting......well, no I haven't LOL!!!

The Roscalie vest is progressing nicely.......when I'd finished the body I did have a little stall before I started the armhole and V-neck shaping. This is one of the points where I usually get stalled....along with sleeves (a whole other issue -- I still have to put sleeves on my Mossbank...and I think there that is where my Water Lily pullover is stalled too) this case because I am deviating from the pattern as written.

Roscalie is no different -- I wanted the shoulders to not stick out over my shoulder line -- and with an inch of ribbing on the neckline and armhole side. So I've adjusted the armhole shaping, and the front neckline, and the back neckline........and have ended up with what looks like a very slim looking I was a little concerned.......but all turned out well.

I had to think....this is the first v-neck I'v…