I am the Only Running Footman

Published in 1986.

"The headlamps of the car picked her out through the fog and the rain; she was standing on the shoulder about a hundred yards from the cafe, her backpack on the ground beside her."

The first time I read "Jury had to reach across Susan Brendon-Hunt...." it came somewhat as a shock somehow.....had I really expected him to remain chaste throughout the whole series???

Melrose has his share of women right how -- he's reading Polly Praed's latest novel, Vivien is back in town (without the Italian fiance) and Lucinda St. Clair who has blown into Long Piddleton in her Porsche to convince Melrose to come to Somers Abbas because it seems likely that David Marr, her neighbor and close friend.........might be needing some help to prove his innocence.......

Someone is strangling women with their scarves.......don't wear your scarf with the ends dangling over your back! Macalvie and Jury are again on separate cases that are undeniably related.

How did Jury meet Susan? Well, Carole-anne had decided one day to call a decorator to spruce up Jury's flat........Susan may not have required her swatches, but she'd settled in for stay anyway.......not if Carole-anne has anything to do with it!

Don't you just wish there was a Starrdust near you?

Happy Reading!


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