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To cast on, or NOT to cast on....that is ALWAYS the question!

In the early days of my knitting career, my reputation was...cast on, knit, knit a bit more, lose interest...pass it on to my Mom to finish.  My Mother, I am sure, despaired at how quickly my enthusiasm turned to empathy;  how a new project would catch my eye and the old project be relegated to a dark corner somewhere....

Then there were the years that I didn't knit at somehow got in the way.

When the knitting gene resurfaced back in the late 80's, I vowed to become a monogamous knitter - to cast on, knit knit knit (exclusively) and finish that project! I learned new techniques (stranded knitting), attempted things that caused my poor Mother to gasp. (Gosh, the first time I cut my knitting, I took my Philosopher's sweater to my Mom's house. On her dining room table....we lay the tube of knitting, my Mother handed me the scissors.....and I cut! We both needed a reviving cup of tea.)

I know that my Mom was proud of the new knitterly me! I even knit her a sweat…

Posh Nosh, Pimms and Yarn!


AND THE WINNER IS!!!!! Shaun the Sheep Movie comes to Canada!

Marilyn ! I have contacted you via Ravelry!

Thank you all for entering!

Stay cool everyone!


In case you didn't know, Shaun the Sheep and his gang of wooly friends have made a movie....and it is coming to Canada on August 7! (I was starting to worry that it wouldn't come I am very excited about this!)

Rowan partnered with Shaun, so that all of his admirers could knit their own Shaun the Sheep.

I am delighted to offer my Canadian readers a chance to win a "Shaun the Sheep" kit (pattern with two balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK - one each of Snow and Black).

I know everyone is busy in the summer, so let's make this easy!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.
This offer is open to my Canadian Blog Readers only! (Go ahead and tell your friends :) )
Please make sure that you leave your Ravelry name or your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the winner!

I will on August 1 - good luck to you all!

Good Luck!

(with Lacki…