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Boneyard Applöse

Pattern:  Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West  - a free Ravelry download!
Yarn:  Americo Original - 100% Superfine Alpaca - (I used 2 balls - 480 meters)

This is a great free pattern on Ravelry - there are 2711 projects listed on Ravelry - lots of great inspiration there.

If you read the pattern - there is a garter stitch ridge every 12 rows - I did 10 sections before finishing off with 5 garter stitch ridges (10 rows).

I LOVE THIS! - see how it can be worn in different ways?

I LOVE THIS! - this is gorgeous yarn.

I LOVE THIS! - but I don't wear black, and DH refuses to wear "a shawl" LOL!!!

so, I guess I'm going to have to gift this.

For more detail and individual photos, check out my Ravelry Project Page - "These Old Bones"

I'm fairly sure there is going to be at least one more Boneyard in my future.

Happy Knitting!

Lackie and Daisy go on vacation.......


Yes, Lackie and Daisy are now international travelling Doggies!  We drove to Vermont - crossing the border in Cornwall, Ontario - then we were in New York State, heading for Vermont!

Yes, last week we were actually on a mini-break in Vermont.  (My definition of a mini-break is something longer than a weekend, but less than a week!)

We stayed in the Trapp Family Lodge, an Austrian style lodge in Stowe, Vermont - yes, owned by that family, the Von Trapps of "Sound of Music" fame.

It's a lovely resort, and it has pet friendly rooms - so Lackie and Daisy went with us!  Our room was in the back wing, on the 4th floor, but because the resort is built on the side of a mountain, our room opened out onto a small patio on the side of the mountain - very handy when you have dogs!

Our room also overlooked one of the cross-country ski trails - it was great watching the skiiers come streaking around the corner and down the hill.  Lackie and Daisy were quite intrigued!

To get t…

Kidsilk Haze Stripe

I've finished my Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf......these are quick do it yourself photos, but they give you the idea.

When I picked up this yarn in the UpCountry Store in Holmfirth last September, it was so new that Rowan didn't have any patterns read for it yet.  They did offer a free scarf pattern on their web site....let me go see if I can find it....yes, it's called Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf!

When I'd finished it, I tried it on, wrapping it around my neck and typing it different ways.  Then I thought, why not join the ends into a ring, and make a cowly thing of this, and then you just have to loop it over your neck!

So that's what I did - and I can always put it back into a flat scarf if I want to.

Here are some quick do it yourself photos taken in my bathroom mirror of how I can wear this big loop!

This scarf is VERY WARM!!!! and I love that I can wear it different ways  and because it is a loop it won't come undone and fall off!

The Kidsilk Haze Stripe yarn can b…

Watercolour Class - Project 2

So here's the inspiration for our second project.....
The next step is to play with your palette of paints - and come up with the shades that you want to use in this painting......

FUB, VB, WG, BS, QG, IB, WG(SG) - 7 shades will be used to mix all of the shades for this painting.

Something that I was quite surprised at in class - you have to learn to take good notes!  Imagine that!  Just like any other class, a big part of your success in absorbing what you are being taught, is in the notes you take.  DUH LOL!!!

So we have an instructor, who is sitting in front of us, she is talking, you have to take note of what shades she is mixing together, what her hands are doing, what kind of movement, what brush she is using, how she is using it wet, is it dry, is it lightly loaded or fully loaded with pigment - are you applying it to wet paper, dry paper, or something in between!  It's a lot to take in, so mostly I focus on getting "the formula" for each shade down, …

I've fallen....

off my yarn diet LOL!  I did make it through January LOL!!!

I knew it was not a good idea to go with friends to THE NEEDLE EMPORIUM (say it loud with an echo)......

I had ordered some Addi Turbo Lace Needle tips......I didn't want the whole set, just a few of the shorter lace tips to use with my Addi Click system, when knitting smaller circumferences.  Julie ordered them and they were there, ready for me to pick up.

I asked some friends if they wanted to join me on a road trip to Ancaster........5 of us in total went happily off to Julie's shop of yarn hoping that I could shop vicariously through my knit buddies (I know - seriously delusional!).

I have to admit it, I AM SO WEAK LOL!

Have you seen the latest must knit shawl on Ravelry - it's called Color Affection, and for a while there it was only available in kit form from The Plucky Knitter.  But as of February 1, it was available to purchase as a pdf pattern.  The designer, Veera Välimäki, is relatively …

Expanding horizons.....

I knit.....A LOT
I read....A LOT
I have 2 dogs that like to play, with me, A LOT
I have a hubby, he likes to be fed....occasionally.......
then there are the normal things like grocery shopping, dusting, laundry, well, you know.....
it seems that each day goes by in a it's already February 2012 - where did 2011 go?

So, do I need another hobby????

I have always wanted to try painting with when the new Milton Arts Centre in town opened with beginner and intermediate Watercolour Painting....well, I signed up.....once a week for 10 weeks.

The beginner class happened before was frankly a blur - lots of technique info packed into each class.....frankly, too much info for a total beginner like me.....but I did realize that I liked it, and I wanted to do more.

The winter schedule offered both beginner and intermediate classes again - unfortunately the beginner class didn't fill up, so I bumped myself up to the intermediate class......a little…

Books and Knitting...

seem to go together.

So many of us knitters are avid readers......I love a good book and will stay up very late reading....

While we here in Canada (at least in Southern Ontario) are having a very mild winter, Europe is suffering with extreme cold - stay warm over there!
Happy Knitting everyone!