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Serious illness recurrence......

It's called Rowanitis......I had it before, fought it off, but it's back big time LOL! When I first starter to knit was the cover of Rowan 11 that caught my eye. I knew that the sweater was way above my skills at that time, but I just had to have's still in a Rubbermaid storage box down in the basement...I bring it out every once in a while to fondle lovingly.....even though I know now I will never knit's in cotton you see, and one thing I have learned over the years......I do not like to knit cotton....and intarsia in way..... I knit a swatch and there it lies..........waiting for a knitting prince/princess to wake it up and finish knitting it. If anyone is interested, make me an offer -- I know the original yarns were about $300 at the time....but I'd be happy with an offer of $100 (shipping extra). I'll just buy more Rowan yarn with it you see!
At one time I had every Rowan magazine, right from no. 1. I …

Froggie Meanie & Tadpoles visit!

Renee (aka Froggie Meanie) and her kids visited for a "picnic" on my deck. They are great at sharing aren't they? It's been such a rainy summer so far, we were lucky to have a break in the rain on this day for our picnic. My hibiscus plant enjoyed the visit too! It's kind of a showy plant and wants to be admired by everyone.... I love it! I am knitting....but it's "stealth" knitting (I love that term) the kind of knitting that I can't talk about right now. Sorry.......but it should be done soon.
I'll have a new and different project (for me) to start in August. Happy Knitting