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My Weekend with Martin.....Part II

Oh, and those gorgeous sweaters Martin was wearing?

Some links for you to check out!
Charleston House - where the workshop was held! The Pelham House - where we stayed in Lewes Rowan Yarns Big Wool - what we knit with!

"Original Denim"......It's back and I LOVE IT!

Although Levi Strauss is credited with the invention of "the blue jean", the denim fabric that he used came from the French town of Nimes....and ‘jeans’ comes from the French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’ meaning ‘the blue of Genoa’.  

Genoese Navy sailors wore denim back in the 1500’s but it wasn’t until the 1870’s when Levi Strauss arrived at the gold rush and quickly identified the need for hard wearing, yet comfortable, work pants. Levi arrived with a shipment of canvas for tents and quickly converted the material into hard wearing overalls.  The miners liked these new pants, but they found them a bit rough on their tender areas :) and so Levi imported the denim fabric from Nimes and "denim blue jeans" were born.  

I grew up when wearing denim jeans was a statement of being young and parents didn't wear denim!   Although you had to dress conservatively for came home and put on your jeans.  Although they were stylish...they were still fro…

I spent the weekend with Martin Storey! Part 1


S/S 2014 Rowan Release Day!


Christmas 2013.....

By morning, the rest of the street, the neighbourhood and it seems a whole lot of people had lost their power, so we weren't alone.

The power was restored to the street after 5 nights....we survived by heating the house with a wood fireplace insert in the basement....Christmas dinner was a store-bought shepherds pie with carrots - all made/heated on the wood stove....

We didn't have a hydro line, so 5 more nights without power until the cavalry arrived....3 electricians, a contractor who had found us a pole (yeah!) and an Oakville Hydro crew arrived to hook us back up!

A few things were "toasted" with the power our microwave and stove....but in the big scheme of things, it could have been far worse......

Thank you to everyone who worked on our restoration to get us back to normal. We still have a ways to go, but we are safe and sound...and our house again!

Thanks to friends who provided us water top ups, cell phone charges and a warm cup of …

Are you a Downton Abbey Fan?

Yes, I'm playing with Blogger layout and templates...again....I love those Dynamic views...but I really don't like how they it's back to the "simple" template....with a new header photo....taken during the "Power Outage of Christmas 2013"...which won't be forgotten around here for a long time!

My first time at Liberty!