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Spring Break

It's Spring in the mornings, warm, sometimes hot in the afternoon. We have already had some of those hot humid days I really don't like....but it's all part of the 4 seasons here in Southern Ontario.

While I take a short blog break....getting the garden in order, catching up on reading my favourite authors, early morning walks with L and D, I'll be sharing on and on Facebook too. You can click on any photo for more details. My +RowanYarns Pure Linen sweater is is gorgeous...and I'll be posting photos of it soon...along with a bit of a travel diary.

Stop by and catch up every once in a while.....I'll be back full throttle in July with the new Rowan Fall/Winter releases...until then....stay safe and don't forget to enjoy every minute!

Anne x
With Lackie and Daisy, sitting by the back door, waiting for someone to open it!

Coffee Table Update!

It's Victoria Day weekend here...that means a 3 day weekend, which is not as big a deal as when we were working and a stat holiday was a bonus. But, it still means that we take it easy, avoid the holiday crowds, put up our feet and relax, in the belief that Summer is truly just around the corner!

So, what is a knitter to do, on a long stay-at-home holiday weekend? Well, let's look at the coffee table this morning!

Don't you think that this is enough to keep me busy all weekend, what with gardening, long-weekend socializing, etc.?  I have to tell you that right now I am resisting the itch to cast on another absolutely gorgeous, amazingly simple shawl/scarf that caught my eye's a long weekend after all!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, whether yours is an extended version or not!

Happy Knitting,

with Lackie and Daisy by her feet :)

My Tunic Transformation

I've really enjoyed this budget fashion experiment. There is something else in my closet that I'd like to do a bit of DIY alteration to!

Until next time!

Anthropologie Knock off!

Gosh, when I was young, being tall was a bit of a problem. Women wearing pants in the business world was new....and they were rarely long enough for me at 5'10"

I developed my sewing skills, and wore mostly my own creations. So, I do know how to sew! Technically :)

I LOVE DENIM. I think I might have told you that before. In all styles, in all shades....even chambray which is the lighter version of denim.

This year DENIM IS HOT! Vogue reported that Denim was a major trend in the Spring 2015 runway shows! Best Spring 2015 Denim Trends!

Oh my, I was in love...but's a romper. I have to tell you that while in my youth I may have run around in a romper so similar to this...but it was YELLOW(OMG did I just say that, I even have a photo to prove it), there is no way I am going to wear a romper now, even if it is the perfect chambray.

My friend and I poked and prodded it....discussed the option of altering it into a tunic top!  At the Anthropologie price, there was no way I w…

Bead Whimsey!

Bead Whimsey with Sivia Harding
That was the name of the class that I took at the Toronto Knitters Frolic. 
I have attended many workshops in my time, so it takes a special workshop to catch my attention.
Do you know her? I have to admit, I wasn't aware of Sivia's work until it was announced that she was the special guest for the Frolic. When I did some research on line, I was intrigued by her beaded knits and signed up right away!
"Bead Whimsey" did not disappoint!

Sivia brought so many examples of her beaded knits. We talked about the different beads available out in the bead world. (A whole new experience to enjoy!) How to place the beads in your knitting....string them on the yarn first? place them on individual stitches with a crochet hook? Wow, you can combine techniques in one project. who knew! :)

The practice of using different beads, different finishes, sizes, all in one knitted project also blew me away. I have such a linear mind that I honestly believed that wh…