Bead Whimsey!


Hanging Garden Stole

sample beaded bracelets for the workshop!

examples of how colour and beads work together!

Rolling Thunder Gauntlets

Fluency Gloves
Dryad, by Sivia Harding for Twist Collective, Winter 2009

a personal favourite right now :)
Lumen, by Sivia Harding for
Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People 4!

Bead Whimsey with Sivia Harding

That was the name of the class that I took at the Toronto Knitters Frolic. 

I have attended many workshops in my time, so it takes a special workshop to catch my attention.

Do you know her? I have to admit, I wasn't aware of Sivia's work until it was announced that she was the special guest for the Frolic. When I did some research on line, I was intrigued by her beaded knits and signed up right away!

"Bead Whimsey" did not disappoint!

Sivia brought so many examples of her beaded knits. We talked about the different beads available out in the bead world. (A whole new experience to enjoy!) How to place the beads in your knitting....string them on the yarn first? place them on individual stitches with a crochet hook? Wow, you can combine techniques in one project. who knew! :)

The practice of using different beads, different finishes, sizes, all in one knitted project also blew me away. I have such a linear mind that I honestly believed that when you used beads in a just used all the same beads! another lightbulb moment!?!

The workshop project was a beaded wristlet/bracelet. We were so busy discussing beads that none of the participants finished theirs...but we came way with a ton of ideas. 

I had a few myself, I hope to share them with you soon!

Visit Sivia's web site - Sivia Harding Knit Design! 

When you land on the home page, one of Sivia's gorgeous designs is featured. Refresh the page and another design appears! It's like a grab bag! (You can also go to her design page and go through the links there!)

The photos I've used in this blog post are some that I took at the class, and a couple that I have used from Sivia's web site - please visit her web site to see all of her lovely designs! I am particularly intrigued by her Moebius sweaters!

Happy Knitting (and beading too!)

with Lackie and Daisy NOT at her feet!
It is finally Spring here, and I can't get them to come inside :)

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