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True Confessions of a Stash a Holic!

As if I didn't have enough yarn to keep me occupied for a lifetime...honestly....

I have been IN LOVE with the Earth Stripe Wrap from +RowanYarns Magazine 42 for ever!  Well, ever since Magazine 42 came out.

Why didn't I buy the yarn for it then?  I don't know....but I've got it NOW!  My Knit Buddy Mrs. Tishell and I were doing our monthly visit to the Needle Emporium....where I spied...what is that....a yarn pack for the Earth Stripe Wrap!  Julie explained that two of the shades had been substituted, as they were long gone favourite shades used in Magazine 42....aha.....

Mrs. Tishell and I BOTH bought one....and we have a pact to knit this up this winter - right Mrs. T?

So today I was doing a bit of an inventory on my yarn pack....looking in my big bin of KSH....guess what I've got...yes, those long gone favourite shades are now safely in my yarn pack....with a ball of each shade for Mrs. T too!

Rowan Yarns Magazine 42 is one of my all time favourite collections.…

The Friday "Flock"

This week's edition of Flock - lots of new and interesting things have been added......

The Cover is the "Earth Stripe Wrap", a Kaffe Fassett design from +RowanYarns Magazine 42 - one of my favourite Rowan magazines!

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Flock update!

I know, I know!  I thought I'd update Flock twice a month....

but right now I'm a Flipping Fool and I've added quite a bit to Flock......

so there's an update available......see the new cover?

The cover is Lorettaknits version of the Noel Shawl by Pauline Popiolek - knit in Rowan Fine Art yarn.  Isn't it just gorgeous! She used one skein of the Fine Art in the Waxwing shade.

There is another absolutely drop dead gorgeous crocheted shawl in here, "Raven in Fine Art" by Viviane (Ravelry: vidertextil) who lives in Brussels, Belgium!  You must click through to her blog where she tells you that to her horror.... well, you'll have to go over and read it for yourself!

Can you tell I am a bit obsessed with Rowan's Fine Art Sock Yarn?  Well, I've even started decorating with it!

I admit it, I am spending too much time "Flock"ing and not enough time Knitting!  



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Flock ...a gathering of wooly friends...

I love social media...but it can be a serious time gobbler!

My blog is for big stuff....reports on knitting progress, vacations (I still have to blog about Switzerland...on the to do list!), things I want to actually talk a little bit about.

I have a FB Community page Life Lackadaisical where I post quick links to things I find on Facebook that I think might be of interest to other knitters.

A lot of people are not on Facebook - surprising but true!  They avoid social media....and I can't blame them.  You have to spend a bit of time getting to know how Facebook works, how to set your security settings, to be confident in knowing who can see what you share.

How to marry the readers are blog readers....they don't want to be bothered with Facebook.

Fans of Facebook like it's ability to bounce from one page to another reading updates, but yes, it can be a bit frantic.


May I present Flock ...a gathering of wooly friends... my on-line magazine, where I co…

Dreaming about Nepal...

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Free Pattern "Dionne" from Studio 32 !


A look behind the scenes at Rowan Yarns!

Hey there - new videos on the RowanYarns You Tube Channel!

I picked this one to highlight here - because I'm knitting Mary.....

(These videos came and went......on the RowanYarns You Tube channel!  ????)

Not a Rowan subscriber?  Why not?

I love these little windows into the Rowan world......

Hope you all are having a great day!

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You've got mail! "A Knitted Sock Society"

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Sunday Stash Confessions.....when one yarn is added, something has to go!

New addition to the stash:  +RowanYarns  Alpaca Colour - in shade 134 Jasper
I really want to try this new yarn - it is so soft and the colours are amazing! Jasper matches my new Radley bag...and it fits right in with my "Autumn" colours. (How many of you had your colours done back in the 80's?  I thought I'd lost my colour wallet, but I just found it again!)


15 balls of Simply Shetland Lambswool and Cashmere see it on my Pinterest Destash page here or on my Ravelry Destash page here

I'm going to be doing some serious destashing.....

Introducing....Headline Ladies of the 60's and 70's...